Sunday, June 28, 2015

Camp GoNoodle! What an awesome summer activitiy!

GoNoodle has to be one of the best sites for students and teachers! This awesome FREE site provides classrooms and homes all over the world with opportunities to take brain breaks and fit exercise into their lives without any fuss or muss!

My kids love GoNoodle! I love GoNoodle! We love the avatars especially Bart (Below) ! We love the videos! We Love MAXIMO!

So when I heard that they were going to do Camp GoNoodle I literally sang from the rooftops! What an awesome thing for kids to do during the summer!


I am linking up with Holly Ehle from Mrs. Ehles Kindergarten Connection for her Camp GoNoodle Linky Party!!!

On Monday, June 29, Camp GoNoodle begins!!!!!! I have this on my calendar! I have sent out reminders to my parents! I am ready!!!

So what do I need to do, you ask? Well..............

Here’s How It Works:

1. Head to “camp!” Each Monday starting on June 29, a new set of five adventures will appear at   #fourweeksoffun

2.  You and your child will go on new adventures every week! Each adventure uses’s active videos and games for inspiration, and challenges kids to use their imaginations, get moving, and be outside. Picture building your own DIY jetpack, creating an obstacle course race, or making sushi with things you already have at home. #somuchfun

Here is a sample of what they can expect to be doing!
Example Adventure

3. Sing along! Each week includes two brand new camp songs to inspire creativity and movement! #campjams I mean who doesn't enjoy a great camp song!!!
Camp Fire
4. Connect with fellow campers! Share your adventures using the #campgonoodle hashtag on social media to join the camp community. Each week, “Campers of the Week” will be recognized as “All-Stars” and earn exclusive Camp GoNoodle prizes. #lovethatgonoodleswag

5. Earn badges! Complete each week of adventure by printing the weekly badge to hang up, loud and proud. #bestcampever

All you need for Camp is...
 GoNoodleInternet MachineActive & Creative
a free GoNoodle account           a device with internet access          a family ready for                                                                                                                 adventure

Ready to register for camp? 

Simply go to on Monday (June 29th) and let the fun begin!

Note: If you are a teacher who already has a teacher/school GoNoodle account, you will need to go to this link to sign up to receive Camp GoNoodle emails:

{This is important because Camp emails are only being sent to parent accounts. GoNoodle knows lots of teachers use their school accounts at home – which is completely fine, they just need to make sure they get those teacher-parents in the Camp email list too!}

Now come on, campers! 

 Link Up! 

Below you will find all the needed "camp supplies!" LOL

Here are my summer loves:

Copy, paste and fill in your favs!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Daily Five Book Study Chapter 2

I am a little late with my post. I am not going to lie I wrote down the wrong date it was due! I am human and even I, a teacher,  makes mistakes! LOL!

So we are discussing the amazing book, The Daily 5. Which has totally blown me away so far. Between this book and the other book studies I am doing, my classroom is going to be rethought, remodeled, and redone!!!!

If you do not have the book, click on the picture to go to Amazon:

So enough with all of that, thanks to Primary Inspired for hosting this chapter and now let's talk Beliefs, Lets Talk

The sisters have explained their 6 core beliefs of Daily 5:

As we all know what better way to transition and have a brain break then to use:

Here is the schedule for the posts of our book study!

An InLinkz Link-up

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate Book Study Chapter 4-Improvement Focus versus Grade Focus!

I am linking up with the Primary Gal for the Learn Like a Pirate book study!

This chapter really opened my eyes! I have for years thought about this topic. What should we be focusing on: Their Improvement and doing the best they can through our immediate and detailed feedback or their grade. I for one agree with Paul Solarz on this. I believe that a grade does nothing for the child. All it does is put a label on their learning. Learning should not stop because they got a grade. 

Grades are not meaningful, student improvement is! I would rather have a child keep working on a skill until it is internalized and they are able to apply it to all situations then have a child stop learning because they got a good grade or become frustrated because their grade was not where they wanted it to be.

People put too much stock into grades. They are not the true picture of a child's ability. Just because they score high on a test does not mean they have internalized the information and can use it in other situations, Isn't that the goal we are after?

Feedback is vital in student improvement but not just teacher feedback. Students should receive feedback from other sources. This is why e-portfolios are such a valuable resource to be using in your classroom. By implementing e-portfolios, students have an area that they can upload, create and share their work with a larger audience. These portfolios make it easier for peers to comment on each others work!

Here are some thoughts on Peer Feedback!

and now a few thoughts about e-portfolios:

So those are my thoughts and the big ideas I came away with from this awesome chapter! Click on the button below to go see what some other educators thought about this chapter!

The Primary Gal

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Fun Summer Post: My Personal Side, Linky with Classroom Confections

I am linking up with My Personal Side for this fun get to me linky!!!!

This get to know me linky is about my favorite cup or mug and what is inside it! So I have something to admit!!! I am a Tervis Addict!!!! I can not go into a store that sells these amazing cups without leaving with one! I love them! So my favorite cup is anything Tervis but I do have to admit that I just bought one that trumps all my others and that is my MINION Tervis!!! OMG!!! It is so cute and I love it!!!!

Now as for whats inside!!! I love water in my cup and diet coke in my cup during the hot months and hot green tea during the cold months!!!

Click on the cup below to see what other awesome educators love!

Teaching with Intention Book Study Chapter 4

Can I just say that I love this book!!!! It is dead on so far on every topic that it is written about. It is a breath of fresh air in all that is polluting the world of education!!! Well enough with my ranting! I am linking up for chapter four of the book Teaching with Intention.

 If you do not have this book and want to read it please click on the book below and it will take you to Amazon!

The hosts for this chapter are:

Chapter 4 was about classroom culture. We must promote a culture that supports thinking and what better way then to share how we think. It is important for us to model how we think. Think aloud! Show the students how we too must think about things and we also ask questions and we wonder as well. Model how to think about different concepts. Modeling this is essentially teaching this skill.

My kids use my brainstorming sheets to share what they are thinking and to display their thinking on different topics! They love to write down what they are thinking and share it with their groups and the class. Here is the sheet they use. Feel free to download and use it if you like!

Click on the picture below to see what other educators have to say about this awesome chapter!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Building Math Comprehension Book Study Chapter 2

 I am linking up with Teacher Mom for Chapter 2 in this awesome book, Building Mathematical Comprehension. 

This chapter is about vocabulary. I enjoyed this chapter because I thoroughly believe that the children need to understand what they are learning and know what the terms mean in order to be successful and in order to be able to use this material in real world situations and in situations that are occurring outside of the classroom.

If you do not have the book, click on the book below to go to Amazon:

I have always been a firm believer that vocabulary is essential for learning to take place. The students need to know what they are learning and be able to explain what they are learning. Vocabulary is a way in which their learning is enriched, becomes rigorous and relevant. 

Vocabulary walls, games, morning message, interactive notebooks, and videos are all great ways to teach all students vocabulary.

Here are some thoughts from this amazing book:

Here is a vocabulary page I use with my kids. We have math vocabulary journals. Enjoy and I hope it is as useful for you as it is for me! Click on the picture to download!

Now click on the math girl below to go see what some other educators had to say about Chapter 2!