Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It is already that time of year when we are thankful for our students and they are thankful for us! This is the time of year when our kids are excited and school is fun!!! 

My favorite thanksgiving movie and book is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! I love reading this book to my kids and then having a Charlie Brown thanksgiving in our classroom! 

Here is what I did!

There are some awesome foam stickers of Charlie Brown and his friends on thanksgiving! I used these stickers to decorate orange plates and cups! I also decorated their popcorn bowls and some ceiling paper fans!!

I decorated the tables with pumpkins and brown tablecloths from Oriental Trading. I also made Charlie Brown characters and stood them up on the table using a pool noodle cut in half and sliced! I also placed leaf centerpieces on the tables as well!

I loved the cardboard decorations that Oriental Trading had! I used them to create the photo booth as well as hang on my clothesline as a display! 

A table by my door was decorated with a Charlie Brown centerpiece pack! So cute! 

Of course, we had to have pilgrim hats! These are from oriental Trading and they are amazing!! 

So that was the decorating! Now for the celebration! I made serving containers for the food with yellow plastic containers and black vinyl cut to look like Charlie Brown’s zig zag on his shirt!!!

The feast! Toast, jelly beans, pretzel sticks, popcorn and sprite! Just like Charlie Brown had!!

As you can see, I had some happy pilgrims!

Happy thanksgiving from our Classroom to yours!!!!!

These are my own opinions and I was not compensated for these opinions! I was given the materials and products by Oriental Trading to review! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

50th day

As you all know, there are just some days of the school year that we all love to celebrate! One of mine is the 50th day of school! I just love this day!!!

I sent home  a letter and asked my parents to dress their kids up as if they were living in the 50’s and there were some that were  just so stinking cute!!!

To set the stage, I first decorated my classroom! I love the decorations that Oriental Trading has for this theme! 

My tables are covered with a black and white striped table cloth! This comes on a roll! Great value! Then I added rock and roll centerpieces! I love the look!

I hung guitars from the doorway!

Black musical notes and records were hung from the ceiling! 

Of course! I always have a photo booth area!!! I used the same table cloth as the tables for the back drop! Added the rock and roll cut outs and the blow up jukebox to make this photo area absolutely amazing! All of this came from Oriental Trading!!

My kiddos love pencils so of course I had to add the musical note pencils from Oriental Trading!

We searched the room for 50 words!

And to end our day we made root beer floats and milk shakes! Of course we had these fabulous 50s cups from Oriental Trading

Once again, our special days were made even more special thanks to Oriental Trading

These are my own opinions and I was given the products to review by Oriental Trading! I was not paid for my thoughts or opinions!