Monday, March 25, 2013

STEM Showcase

Our leprechaun traps were on display at the first annual STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Math) showcase at the high school on Thursday, March 21. Four students came and shared their trap with the audience!!! I am so proud of the job they have done!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Very Hungry Caterpillar Day

I absolutely love the book, The very Hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle! When I opened my email the other day and saw that March 20 was Very Hungry Caterpillar Day, I got very excited and so did my students!

We did a lot of awesome activities from some Hungry Caterpillar units by Robynn Dr and Kidsrcute.

The kids made hungry caterpillar hats. These are made out of a small paper plate they colored red, yellow paper for eyes, two large tongue depressors colored purple, green paper for the nose and a green crayon to color inside the eyes. They then colored a sentence strip green. They were hot glued together and voila a hat.

Here is their hat!

They had a special attendance for today. They all had their own hungry caterpillar and they had to drag it into the chrysalis. This is on the smart board.

Click below to access this!

They made pictures by tearing construction paper with their hands. These came out so cute!! here are just a few of them!

We made a large caterpillar to write the beginning middle and end of the story in. we are talking about the difference between fiction and nonfiction and discussed this was one of the differences.
I will post a picture when we have completed it!

Here is a web quest, I created for Eric Carle and a link to watch Eric carle read his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  Please visit and enjoy!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

How do you catch a Leprechaun??

 My students did an awesome job on their home school connection projects!! They were to go home and create a leprechaun trap. We have been working on our wood and paper unit in Science. They were to use some of the materials we have discussed in class when making their trap!!
 We researched and learned about Leprechauns!  Here are our questions and the answers we found!!! 
What do leprechauns really look like?

Leprechauns are 2 feet tall. They wear red or green. They look like little old men.

What do Leprechauns do?

They are shoemakers. They make shoes for the fairies.

What do leprechauns eat?

They eat lucky charms, potato peels and brussel sprouts. Their favorite food is rice.

 Do leprechauns swim?

No they are afraid of water.

Do they slide down the rainbow?
They do only on St. Patrick's Day.

Are they easy to catch?

Female leprechauns are harder to catch then male leprechauns

Here are more of our traps!!!

We learned that it is best to try to catch them at dusk!!!

 Come here, Leprechaun!! we have some gold for you!!!  Here are all of our traps!!! We sure hope we catch one in the early morning!!!

Traps and more traps!!!
 We also drew and labeled pictures of Leprechauns!!

We also learned that if we catch one, they will grant us three wishes to let them go!!!

We learned that there is a National Leprechaun Museum!!