Friday, November 30, 2018

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

No holiday would be a holiday without Charlie Brown! So of course, we had to have a Charlie Brown a thanksgiving the day we left for thanksgiving Break! 

We read the book and watched the movie! The kids did a sequencing activity and story retelling! 

Then we had our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! It was loved by all!! 

Long legged turkeys

We talked about what it must be like to be a turkey! The kids had to come up with food items that they would rather have people eat other then turkey on thanksgiving! After we discussed this and write about it, we made long legged turkeys!!

Readers Theater

We did readers theater. We divided the class into 3 groups and each group had a fairy tale to act out, the first group had
The Three Little Pigs! 

They stood in front of the class and they acted out their story. The kids on the carpet were their audience. We reviewed audience etiquette before we began! Then after they heard the story, they had to retell it to their friends!! 

How to Catch a Monster

The How To Catch Series is an awesome series for STEM.

First we read the book, How to Catch a Monster!

Then they had to design their trap to catch their monster! Each child was given a monster to create their trap for. Each monster was a different size. They had to draw their trap first.

Then they created their trap! They tested and modified them until they were able to trap and keep their monster trapped! 

How to Catch a Monster!


My favorite thing to teach in October is Frankenstein!! I love Frankenstein day! Our whole day is focused on teaching the skills with this amazing character!! 

First let me share with you the shirt I made!!!

We read the book, Frank was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance! The kids loved it! 

Then we talked about adjectives and created our chart!

Then theybdidnandirected drawing activity and wrote about their friend Frank!

We did Frankenstein number lines in math! The First Grade Parade has an awesome Frankenstein Unit!!!

We ended the day with Frankenstein Pudding!!

National Candy Corn Day

October is National Candy Corn Day! So of course, we had to learn about candy corn! 

I made this shirt just for the occasion!!!

We read a nonfiction emergent reader about candy corn!

Of course, we had to do candy corn adjectives! They then write about candy corn!

To wrap up our unit, they all made candy corn to bring home! Of course, we tasted the real stuff as well!!!