Sunday, March 26, 2017

Snappsy the Alligator

I love teaching point of view! I especially love teaching third person! I absolutely love teaching about the narrator!!!!! 

My all time favorite book to teach about third person is Snappsy the Alligator! Have you read it???? If not, you must!!! My kids love it!!!

Click on the picture below to go to the link on Amazon! You will not be sorry purchasing this book!!!!!!

Here is a quick summary! Snappsy the Alligator does not want to be a part of this book. He is just minding his own business! Chicken the narrator makes him a part of the book. The conversations are priceless and the kids will love it!!

I have my kids do a directed drawing activity. Then they watercolor them! They come out so cute!!!

Then they write about the point of view and we display them in the hallway!

Click on the pictures  below to get the writing paper and the hallway display title and synopsis!

I hope you love this as much as my kids and I do!!! 

Classroom Faces T-Shirt Giveaway!!!

OMG!!! I absolutely love these Classroom Faces T-Shirts!!!! Have you seen them?? 
Aren't these shirts awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Classroom Faces shirts are great for field trips, kindergarten graduations, preschool/pre-k graduations, school plays, staff shirts, and much more!  They feature drawings made by your students.  They have a variety of templates to choose from.  These are class created TShirts!

Here is a sample template!

Wouldn't this make a cute shirt for your kids to wear!!

They are created by A+ Images!! If you have not checked out their website or if you have never heard of them please click on their name or on the button on the side of my blog!!!

Well, I have teamed up with them to give you, my readers, an amazing opportunity!!! I am giving away a class set of these shirts!!! Yes, I am. One lucky winner will receive up to 24 free shirts.  More shirts can be ordered (if needed) at the standard price.

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Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Crocodile Pie and Leprechauns, Oh My!!

This was a busy week in room G12! We worked some more on our poetry unit! We read the poem Crocodile Pie and The Crocodile and the Dentist! We compared the two and then we made crocodile pie!!!

The kids loved it! Of course, we had to write anhow tonpiece and then create a crocodile out of Astrobrights amazing paper!!  

Here are some pics! 

The recipe for crocodile pie is to take a vanilla pudding cup. Add green food coloring and stir. Then dump it out on a plate and with a spoon form it into the head of a crocodile. Add candy eyes  and then eat!!

Here is their crocodiles they made and their writing in the hall!

This week was also St. Patrick's Day! We love this day! Silly McGilly came to visit us! If you have not heard of him, you must check him out! Click here to see him! 

Here is what I did in my room for decorations and so on!

We used gold color mist to turn our oreos into gold coins!! The kids were so amazed!! 

They loved how our little leprechaun left his foot prints all over the room!
Tonmake the foot prints, put green paint on the side of your hand and press it onto the surface you want him to step on. Then use your pinky to make his toes!!!

Of course, we have to get our picture taken with our Melonheadz leprechaun!! 

We graphed lucky charms and made leprechaun lunch. Leprechaun punch is from Deanna Jumps Leprechauns unit!! I love this unit!

We also read my favorite book, My Lucky Day. We then wrote about our Lucky Day and made a leprechaun out of Astrobrights paper!

This was a fun and busy week!! I would love to hear how you celebrated St. Patrick's Day in your class!






Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chef Charlie's Pizzeria of learning!

I have been trying to think of innovative ways to teach my Firsties! I loved the Dr. Seuss room transformation so much that I thought I would try it again. This time, with the help of Oriental Trading, I transformed my room into a pizzeria. 

First, I covered the tables with this amazing tablecloth roll from Oriental Trading. It is red and white checked! Doesn't it remind you of a pizzeria tablecloth!!!!!

I used Melonheadz amazing pizza clip art to create all of my pizza props. First were the oven mitt supply holders. I took their pencil boxes away and enlarged the oven mitt from Melonheadz set and stapled a bag to put their supplies in to the back. Voila, they got to put their supplies in an oven mitt!

 For their pencils, I enlarged Melonheadz pizza cutter and taped it to the pencil because all pizza chefs need a pizza cutter!

I bought pizza pans from the Dollar Tree! I bought one for each pizza chef to have at their place. So here is their place setting!

I also decorated the morning message and their morning work sign with pizza clip art from Melonheadz!!!

 Oriental Trading had children's aprons and chef hats so I got those in order for my Firsties to be pizza chefs for the day! I also got an apron for myself and my student teacher to be pizza master chefs for the day! Don't you love the hats and aprons!!!
Of course we had to get mustaches as well!!!

So here is what the classroom looked like when I was done transforming it! Do you love my lights? I made them into giant slices of pepperoni pizza using the bulletin board paper from school!!

So that was the inside. On the outside, I enlarged the pizza topping clipart from Melonheadz  pizza set to make my door into a giant piece of pizza!!

Of course I had to have a photo booth outside! So I took a piece of the awesome tablecloth from Oriental Trading, Melonheadz pizza chef enlarged to 500 and an awesome banner I found at Target and created this awesome photo booth that I later turned into a writing display!! But first, here it is as a photo booth!

So our day was centered around pizza. We learned about pizza using a nonfiction text and then they did a follow me activity and made a pizza chef. They then used all of the new knowledge and their personal experiences and wrote a how to writing piece on how to make a pizza. I love how they came out!!

And here is the photo booth as a display for their how to writings!

They then worked on sentence creation centers and they also did a pizza read the room!

All of their centers were put into real pizza boxes that I received from a local pizza parlor!!

Then we went into Math! I just love Melissa and Doug products and Oriental Trading does cary them!!!! They had the amazing chef puppet, so of course I had to get one to teach fractions and pizza math with!!!

So we used these amazing stickers from oriental trading that looked like real pizzas to practice our fractions. So we made a fraction book, showing a whole pizza, a pizza cut in two halves and a pizza cut into fourths. Then we did a quick assessment by holding up the correct flap and showing the correct fraction when asked!

We then used pizza sticker scenes from Oriental Trading and built our own pizzas. We then cut them in half and in quarters. We were asked to come up and feed Chef Charlie different fractions because he was hungry! They loved this activity!

Pizza Number Bonds from oriental trading were a big hit during small group time!

They also did a pizza skip counting small group activity and a fraction activity!

 To end our Math block, they had a challenge. I gave each table a different amount of pizza erasers from Oriental Trading!!! They were asked as a team to make as many pizzas as they could before the timer ran out or in one minute!

Then they had to show me half of their pizza and a quarter of their pizza!!!

 During Math RTI, My kids did a pizza one more, one less, ten more, ten less read the room activity!

The Pizzeria was a hit! My kids loved it and were so excited to learn!!! Thank you Oriental Trading for being amazing and I can't wait to share my next room transformation with you!!!! I hope this has inspired you to try this out!!! Remember, oriental Trading has everything you need for your kids to experience amazing hands on learning activities!!!!