Monday, August 14, 2017

A Mess Free Paint?!..... Yes Please!!!!

Kids love to paint! Teachers love to paint! What we do not like is the mess that goes along with painting! The nasty dirty water! The brushes to clean! 

Well, those days are over!!! I absolutely love using Kwik Stix Paint Stix. These amazing paint tools are just like a glue stick! They look like a glue stick! They are used like a glue stick! But they are tempera paint!!!!

They come in metallics!

They come in neon!

They come in the original colors!!
They also come in thin Stix!
What is awesome about these paint stix besides no mess is that they dry in 90 seconds!!! Yes 90 seconds!! How awesome is that!!! 

Look how bright and beautiful the kids artwork is using these awesome sticks!!!!!

This is a definite must have for your classroom! The great news is you can buy these on Amazon and at Target!!!!




Friday, August 11, 2017

Do you esgi?

Do you esgi? 

Oh my if you don't, you must!!!!! This is an amazing program!! It will literally save you hundreds of hours of work!! 

When you hear the word assessments what comes to mind? I know, you groan, your heart skips a beat and it is not a good beat! 

When your kids hear test time, what do they do? Pretty much the same as we do but for a different reason! 

ESGI is amazing! It takes the aw man out of assessing!!! My kids love it! I love it and you will love it too!

You can make your own assessments or use their test explorer to find a test that you need! It is all done on the computer!


Here is what your page will look like!

These are all the assessments that I created and my kids took last year for their most common words! I love the pie graphs! This is great data! You can see this for each  child or as a whole class, it is up to you!

Another amazing feature is that you can get flash cards for the words or information that your kids need to work on or you can print out flash cards for all the words that is up to you! I normally print out the flash cards for the words they need to work on!

I absolutely love the fact that it alsonlrints a parent letter! This letter tells them the test they took. The words they got correct! The words they need to work on and what theybsaidnformthe words that they need to work on!

Not only does it do assessment but ESGI also have a classroom management section! You can print off name tags, class lists and much much more! I love the parent teacher conference section where you can schedule conferences, print out parent letters and reminders to send home!!! 

Doesn't this sound amazing!!! So here is some even better news!!! You can try it free for 60 days and if you like it you save 40 dollars off the price!!! 

Click here for your free trial!!!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Class Dojo does it again!

As you all know, I am a diehard @classdojo fanatic!!!! This is a teacher's dream come true! 


Whatever we ask, they somehow already get done for us! First it was student portfolios and oh my are they just amazing!!! Now it is a tool kit!! Yes, they have created a teacher's toolkit and if I may say so myself, it is AMAZING!!!!!

What is in the toolkit you ask? There are so many features! Eight in all! Here they are:

Group Maker
Randomly generate student groups of any size, all with one tap. Group Maker will be your new best friend!

Set the tone in your classroom with the perfect tunes for any activity. Play music that helps students focus, or make free time a little more fun 🎉

Noise Meter

Show students when they’re being too rowdy, or not rowdy enough! Like all tools, the Noise Meter will display on your projector or smartboard. 


Keep your class focused and aware of time remaining for any activity. Need more time? Add 15 seconds or more with just a single tap.


Display daily announcements, a welcome message, or morning work to start the day on the right foot!


Time to toss those old popsicle sticks! Select students at random with just a tap.

Display directions for your class with the Directions tool — no more repeating yourself 26 times!

Think Pair Share

Create a question for students to reflect and discuss in pairs. Partner activities and critical thinking have never been easier.

Isn't this amazing!!! I am so excited to use these in my room! And to pick just one as my favorite is impossible! The noise meter is needed and such a great visual for your kiddos! What a great way for your kids to learn to self regulate and quiet down on their own!!!

The directions!! What a timesaver and a voice saver as well as a nerve saver for us. Just think the days of repeating directions are over!!!!

Love how we can just log in and play music during transitions, writing or whenever else you need a little calming noises!!!!

The group maker is such a helper!! Great way to create your small groups!! And of course I love the think pair share!!! 

How do you get to it ? 

One thing you must remember is that you need to have ClassDojo pulled up on your smartboard, desktop etc but it can be minimized! The tool kit is accessible on your phone! When you login to your class you will see the toolkit option at the bottom of your class. See the photo below! 

When you hit the toolkit the next screen you will see is below!

Then you just choose your tool and away you go!!! 

What is even more amazing! These are not the only tools we will have access to! They want our input so we can help choose the next tool! So go to the website and vote!! Give your input!! 


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reading Superpowers

It is getting to be that time of year again! The time of year when teaches start to think about and plan for back to school! Well, the one place you can not forget about is Oriental Trading! They have an amazing new sight for education!!!!! Click here to check out Learn365!!

When you see the picture below what do you think of?

I know many of you say Treasure Chest or reward box! And of course you would be right but when I saw it, I saw a guided reading superpower center!!! 

Instead of using this as a reward chest, I am using it for all the materials that my reading superheroes will be using to show me all of their reading strengths. This box is full of their "reading "superpowers"!

First we have their X-ray Vision Glasses! These are going to help them when they read the room looking for all the clues and task cards as well as when they are reading in small group!!!!

Alot of super heroes have a side kick! Our partner in reading is Bee boy! When we have him on our finger he helps us bee A Good Reader by helping us follow along and keep our place! 


It seems like super heroes have eyes everywhere! Well we have our second set of eyes to help us see our words and keep our place! 

Our super strength is shown when we can stretch out our words to hear the sounds by stretching our slinky and then put the slinky back together to blend the sounds! What super strength our amazing readers will be showing us!

Just like Batman, our super reading heroes have a super duty vehicle to help them read. These sound cars are amazing for them to stretch out and read their words and also for them to work on their reading fluency!!! 

And where are all of our super hero tools stored??? In our super power reading chest of course!!!

What better word to have on top of our reading chest then awesome! Because all of our super heroes will become awesome readers!!!

Thank you to Oriental Trading for once again having everything teachers need to create such amazing experiences and the materials our kids need to be successful!

My post is my own views and thoughts, Oriental Trading did not pay me for  this post! They did sponsor my post by sending me these amazing products!! 





Friday, June 30, 2017

Fluency with Hameray Publishing

In today’s classroom, there is a lot of focus on fluency! Children are supposed to be able to read to us as if they were talking to us. So we begin in the primary grades to focus on fluency using easy text.

In my room, I wanted my children to read fluently but not just fiction books. I wanted them to read nonfiction books as well. This is why I love the ZooZoo series by Hameray Publishing!

This series have a nonfiction section as well as a storytellers section. This allows us to bring in various texts that will peek their interests and ones that we can use during our guided reading groups as well.

The books we read were Zebras, Oh Zebra, Frog and Frogs Play.

As usual, we began by reviewing the vocabulary! Each book had some awesome words to review with my kids! I love having my kids come up with synonyms for the vocabulary words. They always surprise me with their ability to inference! I will review vocabulary two ways: just give them the word and allow them to try on their own and then build on to what they are saying or I will use the word in a sentence and have them use their context clues to figure out the meaning!

I love using fiction and nonfiction books together. It allows them to compare and contrast. They are also able to tell the difference in fiction and nonfiction using the texts as examples. These are common core standards in First Grade.

So before we read the fiction books, the kids made inferences! They looked at the cover and told me what they thought would happen. We would then read the stories to see if their inferences were correct.

With the nonfiction stories, they shared all that they thought they knew about the animal. We completed can, have, and are charts using the nonfiction texts.

The text in both the fiction and the nonfiction books  were perfect for my small group and my low readers! But all of my kids gravitate towards these books! They love the pictures and the easy to read text!
As I read the text to them, I stop and ask them questions. I also allow them to ask questions and to talk with a partner throughout the book.
I love these pages!!!!!!!!! Look below and click on the picture for the link to the series!
The Nonfiction Texts

The Fiction texts

I love how we can compare and contrast the two series. That is a common core standard for first grade. Comparing and contrasting two texts about the same topic. But we could also compare the texts against each other frogs and zebras. They were able to discuss the differences in environments and storylines as well as diet and life cycles.
 After we discussed the books we then completed some activities! The pages that we completed are below!  click on photos for link to worksheets

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fourth of July Love!

If there is one holiday that is near and dear to me, the Fourth of July would be one of them! 

My father was a marine during the Vietnam War and we were brought up the ideals of the importance of this holiday. 

Honoring the brave men and women as well as our forefathers who created this great nation is an awesome act! 

The stream of red, white and blue that we see everywhere is amazing!

Oriental Trading has such an amazing selection for you to choose from to decorate your home for this important day!

I had access to some of these products and am sharing with you how I used them to create a patriotic look to my home!

Here is their patritotic banner rolled and placed into my glass candle holder with some of their mini flags as a centerpiece. It was quick, easy and very inexpensive! It gave my table a patriotic look without going overboard!

Here I made my food service area! I love how the mini patriotic buckets can be used for the patriotic red plastic silverware! It is a one stop area for my guests and family to get all they need to eat the scrumptious goodies that will be on this kitchen island the day of the fourth! 

These little buckets are so useful and you get 12 of them in a package! I love how you can just combine them with the small flags to add a little patriotic feel to different areas of your house! Here I have added these buckets and flags to several areas of my home!


If you have a second floor and just need a little something to add a little patriotic feel, then these buntings from oriental Trading are just what you are looking for! They look amazing hanging on my railings upstairs! 

They not only have these bright and joyful patriotic decorations but they also have nostalgia looking ones as well. Here is their nostalgia pinwheel centerpiece! It just adds a little flair to my mantel!

Finally, you can't have a party nowadays without a photo booth!!! I love the patriotic photo props, American symbols back drop and the giant Statue of Liberty  to create the ideal Fourth of July Photo Booth!!!

Oriental Trading is amazing for any and all of your holiday decoration needs! 

I was given these products by Oriental Trading and was not paid for my opinion or my post! These opinions are my own!