Monday, August 6, 2018

Donors choose!!!


What do you dream about getting for your students? Better seating options? Technology? Books? Maybe it’s something else entirely.

I’ve received the resources I need for my classroom through, a nonprofit site that connects teachers to a nationwide community of classroom supporters — and I’m on a mission to let the best teachers I know (that’s you, obviously!) in on the secret. This could be an amazing resource for your classroom and I’d love to help you create your first request.

If you’re interested, here's how we can get started:

- ​​Go ahead and create an account on with my personal link and start your first project.
- Just message me with any questions you have as you go through the process. I have lots of ideas, and would love to help.
- Submit your first request. Once you do, you’ll get a special promo code to double donations made during your request’s first week on the site.
- Get started by clicking this link

As I said, let me know if you have any questions. I am so excited to introduce you to this resource!

Monday, July 16, 2018

It’s Time For A Giveaway!

Hello all!!!

I am so excited to be writing this blog post!! You have a chance to win a $250 gift card to purchase supplies of your choice from Oriental Trading!!! This give away will run from July 16 to July 30, 2018. Now, I am sure you understand my excitement!!!

Just think what could you buy for your classroom with $250!   Oriental Trading and Learn365 have so many amazing products to choose from!!! Just click the picture above to go explore and start making your wish list!!!

I personally love all the items that are stem related as well as  all the awesome materials to use during your guided reading groups!!! 

Click the link below to enter!!!! 

Good luck!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Do You Gonoodle?!

How are you? I hope you are resting and relaxing! I thought I would just blog about one of my very favorite sites to use in my classroom!!!!

I love Gonoodle!  I know many use it just to get the wiggles out of their kids but it is so much more!

I love to teach ELA, Social Studies and Science using Blazer Fresh!! Their videos are both entertaining and educational! From Don’t Read Like A Robot to Road Trippin USA, BlazerFresh and Gonoodle provide our students with a tool to increase their skills and love for these subjects!!!!! They also get to show off their fresh dance moves!!


Another great part of Gonoodle that focuses on academics as well is Gonoodle Plus!

This is a paid section but well worth the 10 dollars a month! You are able to create your own questions about anything you are learning and want to review or reinforce! The videos and games in Gonoodle Plus take your questions and include them in the videos! Through movement, your kids learn the skills and review the important concepts!! They love this and they learn without knowing they learn which makes it even better! Who doesn’t want to have fun at school!!!

Another awesome section in Gonoodle is Moosetube!!!!

My kiddos and I absolutely love this channel!!! The moose cracks us up!!! The songs are fun, the dances are silly and the experience is memorable!!! Our absolute favorite is......

But I use it in my room more then just movement videos!! I take the champs and I display them on the smartboard! My kiddos then will write adjectives to describe them. Then they would take their champ and write a narrative story about them!

Here is a picture I would display! 

For math, my kiddos will do math Word problems and solve them using counters I made from the champ clip art. We also would work on more or less when or champ goes into the transmorgifer! 

Then finally there is the Gonoodle shop!!!!

Your stop for all of your Gonoodle gear!! I love their products!! Lanyards, stickers and T-shirt’s! Oh my!!!!

 So if you are are a user of Gonoodle yay!! If you are new to Gonoodle then welcome! If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for!! It is free for teachers! Click the picture below to create your account and start using this amazing tool in your classroom!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Get Your Teach On Washington DC

This post is sooooooo late but I had to write about this experience!!! It was amazing and one that I think all educators need to have! 

So I went to this amazing conference in Washington DC in March! I was so tired and worn down! I could feel my passion just dwindling! 

I have to tell you that as soon as I entered the hotel and began this amazing journey that all changed! I was no longer tired! I was so hyped up and energized it was awesome! My passion began to grow again!!!

The presenters are beyond amazing! They are so real and passionate about what they do! It is so energetic and uplifting sitting in these sessions!!! 

I spent the conference with Deanna Jump, @mrsjumpsclass  and she is truly an inspiration!!! 

Her presentations were relevant and interactive! The knowledge she has of her craft is mind blowing! 

I absolutely had the best time singing and working with the others at my table!!! I met some amazing teachers!

Not only did I get to attend but I also had the opportunity to help them set up for the conference! This was absolutely awesome! Spending time with these educators was so uplifting! Being with people who get you makes it all worth it!!! 

So I met just a few amazing, inspiring educators:

Of course I had to get my Wild Card book signed!!! If you have not read this book you must! Click here for link!

But not only did I meet these awesome educators, I made a friend from Ohio! We hit it off immediately and had a blast! Mindy from @integratetechno and I had so much fun at the conference and going I see the Lincoln Memorial!!

So if you have not gone to a Get Your Teach On conference you must!! Here a few more pictures from the conference! The national conference is in a few days!! Are you going? I hope to see you there!!!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Fling with ESGI and Friends!

Do you ESGI? If not you are missing so much!!! This is literally the one teacher tool that every teacher needs!!! Do you have an extra 400 hours to spare? Well if you had ESGI you would! This program saves you time sooooo much time!!!

I am here to share with you a promotion that really you can’t pass up!!! 

This promotion will:

Give you ESGI free through August 31.
Give you a 40 dollar savings off of 1st year purchase price
Give you an ESGI All Star TShirt with purchase!!! These shirts are amazing. Check it out below! 

Sign up between April 1 and May 15 to be eligible for this promotion !

Now why should you do ESGI now?

It is going to soon be that time of year when you need to show growth to your administrators. Benchmarking and end of year assessments are coming up! What better way to assess then to use ESGI? It is time saving! It is paper saving! The kids love it! They don’t dread testing as a matter of fact my kids beg to do it! 

ESGI has assessments already loaded but you can also enter your own! Formatives no problem! Exit tickets, no problem! 
You can add anything you need to assess! 

Parent letters and flash cards are crates based on the scores! Easy to communicate with families! Just print letter and send it home!

So let’s get you started just click the link below to sign up for your free trial!

Friday, March 16, 2018

STEM Made Teacher Friendly

How many of you love the idea of STEM but are nervous about what it will look like in your classroom? Scared about finding activities? Worried about getting the materials and about the cost of the materials?

Well, my teacherfriends, Carson Dellosa has done it again!!!! I love this company and all that it creates for teachers! I always have! But their STEM box is amazing!!!

They have created a group of STEM lessons just for us! This box has  30   Lessons ( 10 lessons for physical science, 10 lessons for life sciences and 10 lessons for earth science) and they are all for grades 2 to 5 but my first graders could do them with a little changing of the directions (a little more explanation or different vocabulary at times)! 

These lessons come on laminated cards with the visual list of materials needed on the front! All materials used are found in classrooms and schools so we do not have to go into debt to supply our kids what they need in order to complete these activities! The challenge is also listed on the front! These activities are kid friendly and can be used independently, small group or even whole group!! There is so much flexibility with this product!!! 

The cards are laminated for durability and on the back of each card are questions in each area to ask your students to extend their learning!!! There is also a little more information about the science behind the activity! 

I used these cards as whole group activities at first! I did this just to familiarize them with the cards and what my expectations were when they were completing them! After we did two as a whole group then I let them choose activities as a small group! Once I was comfortable with them completing them as a small group, I have put them out to use independently when they are done with their work. I also use them on science days as an activating strategy, the lesson or a science day wind up!

This stem kit is amazing and I highly recommend it for any Classroom! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hue Products and a Giveaway

As most of you already know, I absolutely love Hue products. I learned about them from the very first French Lick Teacher Blogger Retreat I attended 3 years ago! Their products are amazing!!

The first product I ever used was the Hue Projector Camera. It is a document camera! I love it and I use it when I Skype. It is flexible, easy to use and the picture is so clear. I love how easy it is to use!

Here I am using it to Skype with my dear friend, Rocking Dan in Australia.

The next camera I used  and am absolutely in love with is the Hue Animation Camera! This camera is amazing! It comes with a great book to read and become familiar with your camera as well as the process!

Here is what you will get in your box!!!!!!

After I read the book and I suggest reading the book beforehand because it is a great resource, I searched youtube to see what others have done just to get an idea and to make sure I truly understand the process myself. Then I made a smart board presentation to share with my kids! This is a great tool to teach adults as well. My student teacher used this as a guide for her project!

The smart board and the power point presentation  (in case you do not have a smart board) are below! Just click on the pics below for the presentation to download and use in your class room!

                        smart board presentation

Power Point Presentation

Here is how I ran my lesson:
1. I went through the smart board presentation! We reviewed all the parts of the camera,  the different roles that they would have , all expectations of behavior and how to properly treat the camera, and we watched a video (included in the presentation) on how to take pictures.

2. After we went over the presentation and reviewed all the different roles they will have, my kiddos split into production teams and began their journey into making a movie about their why they love their family! They were given charts to fill out and share their reasons with their table mates.

3. Then they got together as a class and took all their materials (notes, pictures, etc) and put it in the order they wanted their movie to be in. Now I have first graders and they just loved this activity!!!!

4. Once they had everything the way they wanted it, the movie production began. They set up the camera and had the view they liked. They took the pictures and they did the narrating. All we did was assist when they asked for help and made sure things ran smoothly!
5. When we have our movie completed and we have exported it, we have three choices:  Creatubbles, YouTube and QuickTime.

Creatubbles is an awesome new site that have partnered with HUE. It allows us to upload our Hue Animation Movies to a site that is safe for our kids to use and upload their creations to. It will give their creation a link to share with their friends and family so they can all enjoy their creations!

Here are just a few things we found to be helpful when making the movies:
- take several pictures of the different objects or drawings- this will give you a good amount of space to add narration. We found that it is best to take about 11 different pictures and set them at 1.00. 
- make sure it is really quiet around the camera and computer. It does pick up other noises.
- save it as you go along.
- If they are going to use illustrations, we found that the brighter the pictures the more vibrant their movie is! My kiddos used Kwik Stix paint sticks!

Here is the movie they made! I love this for their first one! They are going to make another one this semester and I will post it for you when they do! Click here for the link to their movie!

Here is a video of me teaching one of my classes about how to use this awesome camera!

The last product I want to share with you is the tablet stand! This is amazing! It attaches to your small group table (any table really I just use it at my small group table) and holds your tablet. The arm is movable so you can show your tablet in a variety of positions. It can also be used with your students so they do not have to hold the tablet while they are using it. I love this. It makes my sight word review during small groups more efficient!

Here is what it looks like!

I love these products and I have an exciting giveaway to share with you! Hue has given me all three of these products to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!!! So please enter the rafflecopter below to enter and win this tech pack!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway