Sunday, January 8, 2017


We are now starting our new unit in Science. I love this unit. The unit is Solids, Liquids and Gases. To begin the unit, we start to talk about Matter and what is Matter!

In order for the kids to understand the three forms of matter and see that you can have all three forms together in one spot, we make root beer floats. (solid is the ice cream, liquid is the root beer and gas is the foam)

The kids loved this activity and they left understanding the three forms of matter and couldn't wait to go home and tell their families all about our day!

Happy New Year!!

I can not believe that it is already 2017! Our Christmas/winter break seemed much shorter then usual this year!

When we returned, we had to celebrate New Years together!!! So I got all of my kiddos hats, beads and blowers! We had to watch the ball drop, count down and of course yell Happy New Year!!!!

Then of course we had to make ourselves with our blowers and write about our goals and New Year Resolutions!! 

So from our little classroom in Delaware to your..... Happy New Year!!!!

Polar Express Day

I know that it is January but I totally forgot to post about our Polar Express Day! This is one of the best days of the year! 

We started the day off by reading the book, Polar Express and talking about it!

This year, the entire first grade went to the MPR to watch this amazing movie. We has set the chairs up to look like a rain and we taped bells under their chairs.

They kids got to wear their pajamas to school and we had hot cocoa nad candy canes during the movie!

The kids loved it as well as the teachers!

Here are some photos from the day!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Grinch Day 2016

This has to be one of my very favorite days to celebrate!!! My kids love this day!

First of course, sending home a letter written in grinch lettering on green paper of course! 

I asked for the kids to either dress like a grinch, wear grinch clothing or just wear green. Here's what we got! 

We read the Grinch and did some activities! We made an ornament out of a green spoon and red felt.

 They made giant grinches to take home!

Of course, the kids got grinched by the grinch and couldn't get into their lockers all day because he covered them with green paper and he also captured our Olaf!

 We made directed drawing Grinchmas plates for the parents but I can't show those yet because I don't want any of my parents to see their gift early!

The kids loved seeing the grinch door and decorations! 

 The Grinch even took all of their pencils away and left them nothing but green pencils to write with!

There is an awesome app on the IPhone that turns your kids into the Grinch! It's called the Grinch Cam!

Every year I try to add something new! This year I added an awesome Grinch pot! 

 I also added a new light box design!

I also painted a new canvas which the kids loved!

The kids loved Grinch juice and their Grinch glasses!

 And at the end of the day, my kids went home with green candy canes licked by the Grinch, Grinch pills and Grinch dust!

 It was an amazing day and one loved by all! I can't wait until next year!!!

Merry Grinchmas everyone!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Skyping with Australia

We have been learning about holidays around the world and one of the countries was Australia! So, Tuesday December 13 was a day to remember for the entire first grade! We Skyped with Dan Colquhoun and it was amazing! 

We sang songs, heard an Australian Christmas Story and they got to ask him questions! The kids loved it!

They loved it so much that they begged me to buy the book he read to us! Thank goodness for Amazon! One Golden Kangaroo is on the way!

Thank you Mr. Dan!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Very Oriental Trading Christmas!!

I just love Charlie Brown! I love Charlie Brown's Christmas!!! Thanks to Oriental Trading, I was able to bring the Peanuts Gang to my classroom! Boy, did my kids just love it!!!!

First, I got the Peanuts Gang back drop! The backdrop is of the Peanuts Gang around their Christmas Tree! I just love this scene. Then I added the giant cardboard Snoopy Snow globe and voila an amazing photo opportunity and an awesome sight to see!!! I decorated my hallway with this. I love how Oriental Trading has such a huge variety for a Charlie Brown Christmas Extravaganza!!!! They also have an amazing collection of holiday backdrops!!!

Isn't this awesome!!!!

I took a picture of each of my kids individually!!!

Not only does Oriental Trading have awesome back drops but they have an amazing collection of games to play for the holidays! I love the Snoopy bean bag toss and Plinko game!!! My kids had a ball playing them. We not only played them for fun but they also used them for Math!

To add to your Holiday fun, Oriental Trading has amazing Photo Booth Props! I love the Peanuts Christmas Photo Props and so did my kids!!! What an amazing addition to our celebration!!!!

Of course, you can't forget goody bag items for your holiday celebration! Oriental Trading has an awesome selection of pencils, stickers and bracelets as well as other fun items to make your holiday bags for your kiddos!!! I absolutely love the Peanuts items!!!!

So when you are planning your holiday celebration, Oriental Trading is the way to go! They have everything you need and then some!!! Click on the Peanuts picture below to check out all that Oriental Trading has to offer to help plan your Holiday celebration!!!