Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mrs. Wishy Washy's Ice Cream!

Hello! I was fortunate enough to be able to read, use and review some Wishy Washy books from Hameray Publishing!

I love Mrs. Wishy Washy! I mean who doesn't! I have read Mrs. Wishy Washy and Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm for years in my classroom and the kids love them!

So, I had the opportunity to read and use books about Mrs. Wishy Washy that I have not heard of and I have to tell you the one I am reviewing this week, I absolutely love! So do my kids!

I read the book: Wishy Washy Ice Cream!

Anything that has ice cream is amazing to me so I couldn't wait to use this!

Click on the book to go to the site for purchasing and other info:

The text was perfect for my small group! The kids loved it and they loved the fact that they could read it themselves. The pictures were perfect, not overwhelming!

Mrs. Wishy Washy is a beloved character and combining her with ice cream provides us with so many things we can do in the classroom!

Here are some of the things my kids did!

First, we used our five senses and described ice cream! We filled out this chart together! The adjectives were both  amazing and funny!

We then created a minibook about ice cream so first they filled out their graphic organizer!

Then they took this and wrote their own book!

we then did a small writing for morning work the next day about ice cream! They also made a giant paper ice cream to glue their writing to!

And of course we read an emergent reader that I wrote about Mrs. Wishy Washy's Ice Cream!

You can get all of these papers by clicking here:

So this is just the first book I have reviewed! I will be doing another one next week! I hope you will enjoy this and use this book in your room!

Also click Mrs. Wishy Washy below to get the clipart to make the Mrs. Wishy Washy pointers for your kids to follow along with! All you have to do is copy, laminate, cut and hot glue to a popsicle stick!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Booger Science!

Today is science day! We love science days! This week we did Booger Science! I know what you are probably thinking! It was so much fun that I am going to make this a yearly activity!

First, I created a smart board lesson about boogers and how they are made! I even found a video which my kids loved!!!! Here it is: 
After the video, we talked about boogers and then we made booger balls!
I saw these at Walmart and couldn't resist!

The kids loved making these!

I have never thought I would hear myself ever say the following phrases in my classroom:

Please share the boogers with your friends!

Please make sure your booger bags are sealed before you get on the bus!

As you can tell on my face, I also enjoyed this experiment and science day!

A Joy Cowley Giveaway!!!

I love books! I love to share books with my kids! I absolutely love Mrs. Wishy Washy and so do my kids! When I had the opportunity from Hameray Publishing to review some books and have help get the word out about their awesome giveaway, I was on board immediately!!!

I am so honored to have this opportunity to give you a chance to win an awesome Joy Cowley prize pack! This pack consists of the collection of 60 titles written by Joy Cowley, 30 titles of Joy Cowley Early Birds, 19 Joy Cowley Big Books, Mrs Wishy Washy & Friends Finger Puppets and more!!!! This is a prize pack valued over $1,0000!!!!!  The contest ends April 13th and the winner will be announced on April 14th!!!! 

Hameray Publishing is famous for Mrs. Wishy Washy but they have some other characters too! I got to read and use some books about two other characters! Mr. Noise and Barbie, the sheep!

Can I just say, I loved these characters by Joy Cowley! My kids enjoyed them!

The first character that I was introduced to was: Mr. Whisper!

Mr. Whisper is a sweet man who always talks in a whisper. He talks so low that people can barely hear him. The books were entertaining and my kids loved them. They enjoyed them and begged for more.

The books I read were:

My kids loved tis book. Mr. Whisper has a poem for Miss Candy for Valentine's Day. He tries to share it with her but she can't hear him! Hmmmmmm. What does Mr. Whisper do to share his poem???? I stopped reading the book before the ending and had my students draw what they thought would happen next. Their results were so cute!

Mr. Whisper ears are hurting! The noises around him are so loud.  he goes to the doctor but does not hear what he wants to hear What can Mr. Whisper do about his ears? My students had a variety of answers.

Noises, Noises, everywhere! Poor Mr. Whisper! What can he do about all the noises? He tries to resolve the problem through phone calls and conversation but he talks so low that nobody can hear him!!!!
Mr. Whisper was a character that my students and I just loved and can not wait to read more stories and share more of his adventures!!

The next character we read about was Barbie the Lamb!
Very different character from Mr. Whisper. This character made my kids laugh. She is mischievous and fun!

The three books I read were:

This book introduces us to Barbie! Barbie is a fun and mischievous character! When I read this book, I read the title and asked my kids what they thought the book was about. They thought Barbie was going to be a wild animal like a wolf. This was great for vocabulary! 

This book is abut Barbie getting a haircut. Barbie was getting sheared and was not going to make it easy for the farmer. We researched sheep and the shearing of their wool. We also learned about spinning wheels. This book had a lot of awesome vocabulary and provided a chance to do some great lessons! We did a text to self connection about how Barbie felt about getting a haircut and how they felt. 

When you think of a Pet Day, what animals do you think you will see? This is how I started this book off and their answers were typical. The looks on their faces as we read about Barbie the sheep at Pet day were priceless. They just laughed and giggled throughout!
These two characters by Joy Cowley are enjoyable and fun! 

When you think of Joy Cowley, you automatically think of Mrs. Wishy Washy but she has so many other wonderful characters for your kids to experience. The two new characters I read about with my kids were well received and my kids wanted to hear more books about these two characters. What is awesome is that Hameray Publishing has a new character set that includes many of their new characters, Mr. Whisper and Barbie are included! 

What is great is that these characters are also available in guided reading sets!!! This made me happy because my kids loved them and wanted to read them all the time. The vocabulary is rigorous yet the kids were able to read them with some assistance! They provide many opportunities for some great book talks and guided reading lessons!!!!

So there are the two awesome new characters that I got to read about and share with my kids! I highly recommend them to be an addition to any classroom and their class library!

Now you have a chance to win an awesome Joy Cowley prize pack! This pack consists of the collection of 60 titles written by Joy Cowley, 30 titles of Joy Cowley Early Birds, 19 Joy Cowley Big Books, Mrs Wishy Washy & Friends Finger Puppets and more!!!! This is a prize pack valued over $1,0000!!!!!  The contest ends April 13th and the winner will be announced on April 14th!!!! 

So click on the picture below to enter:

Don't forget to check out these new characters by Joy Cowley! You won't be disappointed and don't forget to enter for your chance to win this amazing prize pack!!! The contest ends April 13th and the winner will be announced on April 14th!!!! So click below and enter!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

crocodile pie!

Today we began our unit on poems! We read two poems- A Crocodiles Toothache by Shel Silverstein and Crocodile Pie! We discussed how authors use words to appeal to our senses in poems. The kids loved the two poems and they loved the video of A Crocodiles Toothache, I found on YouTube! Just click on the picture of my kids to watch the video! Of course you can't read the poem Crocodile Pie and not make it and that is just what we did!

To make Crocodile Pie, each child gets an individual pack of vanilla pudding, two chocolate chips, 2 edible eyes and 6 mini marshmallows. Add some green food coloring to the pudding and have them stir until it is completely green! 

Then when the pudding is green, they pour it on the plate and with their soon mold it to look like a crocodiles head. 

After you have molded the pudding into the shape of the crocodiles head, add two chocolate chips for the nostrils and two edible eyes. Then roll the mini marshmallows to look like teeth and add three on each side.

Once completed, you have crocodile pie! 

Now you eat it!







Sunday, March 20, 2016

Passion is our Super Power, what is yours?? Spring Blogger Retreat 2016

Words can not express, the feelings I experienced at this awesome event! This is my first Blogger retreat! I was scared to death! But I survived and it was well worth the trip!

First, let me tell you about my plane ride there, I was searched at security because my teacher tool for the swap was considered a weapon. So I had to check my bag on the plane. What was my tool, you ask? A PVC Pipe rekenrek!

Many of you wanted the measurements to make your own so here they are!
2-22” x 1/2” PVC Pipe
2-6” x 1/2" PVC Pipe
2-2” x 1/2" PVC Pipe
2-1/2” PVC “T” Pieces
2-1/2” PVC P-Trap (HPY-507)

Lowes will cut the pvc pipe for you for free!!!!!!

Then you will need 2 pool noodles- cut ten slices out of each!

Anyways, sorry I got on topic, anyway after being searched - mind you, my teacher badge from school was still around my neck and I had on my Happy tshirt- I made it to the plane and arrived safely in Indianapolis where the wonderful Kristen Poindexter picked me up and we drove to the Resort!

This event was awesome! The teachers were amazing from the time I got there until I left on Sunday!

So the event was put together by the amazing, Holly Ehle and a group of amazing educators! She worked so hard for this event! Thank you, Holly!

On Saturday, the doors opened and we got to enter Heaven- yes, it was like a teacher's heaven! Supplies everywhere! There were amazing giveaways and Sponsors!

Our AMAZINGLY GENEROUS sponsors donated over $15,000 in prizes and giveaways!

The following sponsors LOVE to support educators!

Image result for erin condren logo
 Image result for twinkle twinkle little jarImage result for gonoodle
Image result for tieks

Image result for osmo Image result for udderly smooth Image result for sit spotsImage result for the pencil gripImage result for kwik stix
Image result for stella and dot Image result for younique products Image result for silly mcgilly Image result for creative teaching press
Image result for scentsyImage result for vera bradley
Image result for hue document camera softwareImage result for hue document camera softwareImage result for hue document camera software

Image result for abc mouse
Image result for esgi

Image result for jamberry
Image result for lakeshore learningImage result for seat sacks

Image result for better life bags  Image result for classroom friendly supplies  Image result for perfectionate photo propsImage result for doodle bugs paper Image result for doterra
Image result for book creator
  Image result for maria dismondy Image result for just plain adoorable
We got to peruse the giveaway tables and mingle! Then we got down to business!

We watched some amazing videos! 

Passion was the theme of this event!

After we shared our passions, we had lunch and then a teacher tool swap! Here are the amazing group of first grade bloggers!

We did some round table discussions and then left to get ready for the 80's night!
Here are some Pictures from that amazing night!

Saturday flew by and then it was already Sunday! This weekend flew by! We all met for a group photo!

We all went to breakfast and talked some more!

Then it was time to leave! My roomie drove me to Luisville, Kentucky to the airport! 

I got to eat at a new restaurant that needs to come to Delaware!

At the airport, I got to buy paper made from Horse Poop for Science!!!

This trip was rejuvenating and refreshing! I found my passion again and being able to connect with such passionate and enthusiastic educators was such an awesome experience! 

The one thing I know for sure thanks to this retreat is that there is nothing more contagious then the enthusiasm and the passion of a group of teachers who have an amazing relationship! That my friends, is what it is all about: Passion and Relationships! Thank you to all of the amazing educators I met this retreat! You are all amazing!

To read more about this amazing retreat click below: