Monday, March 17, 2014

Lifecycle of a Chicken!

We learned about the life cycle of the chicken. Here are the books we used to learn more about this lifecycle:

We read emergent readers! Click the chick below to get the chicken pointers we used this week to read with!

We labeled chickens and made these cool hats to learn the lifecycle of a chicken!

Here we are dancing to the song Funky Chicken by Eric Litwin! Click on the picture to get the song!

Statue of Liberty

We studied one of my favorite symbols of the United States this week! The Statue of Liberty!

The children loved learning about this gigantic statue as they called it.

To introduce the unit, I have a life-size  replica of her foot and her nose. The students try to guess what it is by looking at these two items.  After brainstorming, they learn that it is the Statue of Liberty. We then measure ourselves against the nose, which is 4 and a half feet long and her foot, which is 25 feet long. We found that we were the same size as her toes, 59 inches long!

Here we are measuring ourselves against her nose and foot!

We read a lot of wonderful Nonfiction and fiction books about Lady Liberty. Here are some of them. Click on them to go to their link in Amazon!

We got our pictures taken wearing the crown and the torch that I got from the gift shop of the Statue of Liberty, many many years ago! :)

We made our own crowns and torches to take home!!!

We did a follow me activity and created our own Statue of Liberty and we wrote some facts underneath!

We did a follow me drawing activity and then measured it using our cubes for a math workshop!

For Science we did our experiment of what happens when we soak our pennies in vinegar and salt? To do this, e learned more about the penny and it's relationship with the Statue of Liberty. We talked about the penny, learned the parts of a penny and became a penny! 

we have a snow day today so I will post pictures of our pennies tomorrow!

Here is an example of how we became a penny!

 Here is our hallway display and our door!

The long green object is a replica of her foot! Yes, I made the foot and mine is 25 feet long and i drew the toes which are 59 inches long.  I also made her nose, which is 4 and a half feet long. The nose is hanging above the foot!

My kids and I love this unit!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And the winner is......

Congratulations to Amy Mc!!! She is the winner of my 1000 follower Alex and Ani Bracelet giveaway!!!

Congratulations and thank you to all of those who entered!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eric Litwin!!!!

Saturday, I attended the Delaware Read Aloud Conference with my good friends.  The keynote speaker was Eric Litwin. He wrote the first four Pete the Cat books. These are my favorite Pete the Cats! 

He was amazing! He talked about the importance of movement and music being intertwined with literacy! 

He shared stories about his teaching career and how he got the ideas for and 
wrote the Pete the Cat books!

We sang and danced and just had an amazing day! His presentation and keynote address was one of the best I have ever attended in my 21 years of teaching!

Here we are with Mr. Eric!

A week of Seuss!!!!!!

We started the week off with a snow day on Monday! That was supposed to be Read Across America Day and the day we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday! 

Then we had a two hour delay on Tuesday! This week was starting off just grand! So Tuesday was Fat Tuesday and we had to celebrate it so I improvised. We celebrated Dr. Seuss and Fat Tuesday together! 

They got their cat in the hat hats, Mardi Gras masks, noise makers and coins and we had a very eventful and celebratory day!!! here we are donning our gear!

Here is my hat that I wear every year for this awesome week!!!

This week was busy! We did a follow me cat in the hat activity! This one is a cut and paste. 

We labeled the cat in the hat!

We read books and graphed our favorites!

We drew the cat in the hat and measured him! and if you click on the picture of the pictures hanging you can download the measuring recording sheet!

The kids did some wonderful centers and had a blast!!!!

Any theme would not be complete without having our special pointers to use to read our emergent readers with!!! Click on the picture of the pointers to download them to use in your classroom!

We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of colored tongue depressors, feathers, and wiggly eyes. They made the sign for each out of white paper and markers!!! They loved doing this!!!

As a treat for my kids, they all received a cup with goodies in them! I got the cups at Target from the Dollar Spot over the summer and I got the goodies in the cups from Really Good Stuff!!!!

One last activity, they have a bag to take home with a stuffed Cat in the Hat, the book the cat in the Hat and a notebook to write down what they did with the Cat in the Hat!

Click on the picture to get a copy of the letter that is in the bag from the Cat in the Hat!

So, that was our week of Seuss! It was busy and entertaining as well as educational!