Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We have been learning about Walruses!!! We read our first Nonfiction book and discussed what we thought we knew and what we learned. The students then did a follow me activity where they created a walrus out of the pieces of paper provided. They would follow what I did. They did not draw first. They would cut when I cut then glued it together. They added the details and the labels at the end. They loved this and their walruses came out amazing!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

100th Day

Whew! What a busy week we had last week! It was full of many special days! Tuesday, February 12 was the 100th Day of school! My kids had a blast. We dressed up like we were 100 years old and completed many activties from Kim Adsit's 100th Day Unit! The kids had a blast! This was also Abraham Lincoln's birthday!

Wr are 100 today!!!

Finidng Kisses for Wolf's Chicken Stew activtiy

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Abraham Lincoln

We had a lot of fun learning about Abraham Lincoln. Since his birthday is on February 12, I decided that my children need to learn more about our 16th President. I absolutely love Abraham Lincoln and I have shared this with my students since Day 1 of Kindergarten. To begin our unit, we talked about Lincoln being the tallest President. We researched to find out just how tall he was, how tall his hat was and big his feet were. Then I made a life size Lincoln for the students to see how tall he actually was. First, I had the students lay down next to him to see how much taller he was. We took pictures. Then I made a hallway display and had them stand net to them to compare their heights. We made informational signs to hang around him. We read the book Looking For Lincoln and talked about the events in his life. The next activity will be writing about him on Stovepipe hats. I have included the signs for you to use if you would like to. Here are some pictures of the display and my kids with Abraham Lincoln.

His feet were a size 14!
His stovepipe hat was 12 inches tall!

He is tall, 6 feet 4 inches or 7 feet 4 inches with his hat on!


Our Lincoln display

Look at how short I am!

Wow! He was tall!

My class and Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Little Groundhogs!

On Friday, we studied the groundhog and learned about Groundhog's Day! The kids were cracking me up because they kept calling the groundhog a gopher. They even told the music teacher to have a Happy Gopher's Day! I couldn't help but laugh! We read a book, completed some smart board ativities, sung and danced to the song I Know An Old Groundhog, and made hats! We completed our prediction chart, 8 said he would see his shadow and 14 said he would not see his shadow. According to all of the reports, 2 out of the three groundhogs did not see their shadow and 1 did. The two who did not were Punxatawny Phil and Staten Island Chuck. The one who did was the General Lee. I sure hope General Lee is wrong!! An early spring would be nice!

Changing the clor of wood!!

We are in our Wood and Paper unit for Science. Today, we were scientists and we discussed the job of a scientist and reviewed what a hypothesis was. We then talked about our experiment. We were going to see what happens to a piece of redwood when we drop water on it. The kids went back to their tables and thought about this focus question. They then wrote their hypothesis and conducted the experiment! We then recorded our results!!

Here is the type of wood we used!

Here they are conducting the experiment!

Here are samples of their work!
I absolutely love the kidwriting and the pictures!!!