Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Big Word Club

Vocabulary is so important for our students to be successful! Unfortunately due to the word gap, many of our students do not enter school with the vocabulary needed in order to be successful. This is why it is so important that we insure all of our students are exposed to as much vocabulary as possible!!!

This is where Big Word Club comes in! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!! This has taught my students an amazing amount of vocabulary words and it was done through a multi-modality approach.

I used this program last year with my kids and I saw a great increase in their success in both their speaking and writing skills. They used the new vocabulary words in the different writing pieces they were asked to write throughout the year.

Here is how the sight works:

First you login and then you will see a screen that gives you options.

First you pick a grade!

Then you will select your week!

Then you will select your day!

After you have selected all of these, then you can choose how you will present the vocabulary to your kids (Mulit-modality)!

Big Word Club awarded a Silver Medal from Parents' Choice Foundation. Read the Press Release below!

This is definitely a must have for your classroom. Please click on the pic below to sign up for your free trial!!!!

mad scientist

We did our first science experiment of the school year and boy did the children love it!!!!

The kids loved using the magnifying glasses from Oriental Trading to observe the reactions of their gummy bears in the different ingredients!

Item number IN-39/701

These tools are priced just right and are perfect for little hands!!! Oriental Trading is an awesome resource for your science needs and back to school needs!

So check out all the amazing items Oriental Trading has to offer for all of your science and back to school needs!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2016


As we all know when our littles are home over the summer, they get out of school mode and they tend to forget some of the skills and info that they learned throughout the school year!

Well, my friends at Winner Hyundai in Dover, Delaware created this amazing graphic giving parents ideas on what families can do to keep the learning alive!!! I absolutely love it!!! 

Check it out below!!!

I love this!! Please share this with all of the families you know!! 

Thank you to my friends at Winner Hyundai for supporting educators and students!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Love Crafty Croc

Have you ever used a chalkboard market that just made a mess? That wouldn't erase without leaving a smudge or the outline of what you drew or wrote?

Well, I have the perfect markets for you!!!! I absolutely love the chalkboard markers created by Crafty Croc!!! They are amazing!!

I used them to create some signs for my classroom. They are bright and vibrant and easy to remove! They also have two tips a chisel and a round tip! This makes creating even easier!!!

Here are the signs I made !!

Look how awesome they look on canvas!!!!

And here is my last one for this post!!

I ca not wait to use these markers more throughout the school year! You can buy them on Amazon and click the picture below for the link!!!!!