Friday, March 22, 2019

Give me half! A fractions activity!

If there is any math topic I love to teach, fractions is it! I love to teach my firsties all about fractions!

This year I chose the book, Give Me Half written Stuart Murphy. It is about two siblings that have to share their lunch! My kids loved it!

After we read the book, we then applied what we learned! The kids were given either paper to make a chocolate chip cookie or paper to make a pizza. These are the two foods in the book. 

After they made their pizza or cookie, I then went around and whispered how they were to partition it. They were told to either partition it in half or into fourths!

Then they wrote about it!

Here is our wall!!

Construction work is fun!

It has been a long time since I posted! Life got in the way! I was sick and then my car got stolen! Yes you read that last one correctly!

Standard measurement is difficult for firsties!! They understand nonstandard but they just have a bad time with standard. So I decided that I was going to make it real life! So they were construction workers! Did they have a blast!! 

First, we started our day off reading two books about construction and did a Venn diagram! We read Pete the Cat Construction Destruction and a book that I wrote!

We talked about nonfiction and fiction! They loved it!

Then we constructed our opinion writing pieces about being a construction worker.

The afternoon is when they really had a blast. They built structures and measured them. They did place value and time centers with the construction theme!

It was just an awesome day all around! Below are more pictures from our day!