Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Owl Padlet

We will be studying owls next week! I created this owl padlet to use in my room and I wanted to share it with you!

The address is

Here it is embedded for you to see!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Oh my goodness! I loved this at the Technology Conference yesterday and I just have to share it with you! I shared some yesterday but I wanted to give you directions, a video on it and how it can be used in your classroom!

Step one: Go to and create an account
Just Click on the link below! Padlet

Step two: Click on Build Wall

Step three: Go to setting wheel on the menu on the right. This will allow you to name your wall, write a brief description and change the background. You can also decide to make it private or public.

Step four: Choose layout: You can have the posts/ items go in a straight organized manner (Stream) or you can choose free space. Free form is where  you double click anywhere on the wall and you can add information where you click.

Step five: Enter information- free form- double click anywhere on your wall. Stream- double click on wall. Either layout you choose a box will pop up where you double click. You can then type a name, title or a sentence or question. Then underneath this in the same box you can enter more text. This box also has three icons in it. You can choose to add links, upload a file or take a picture using the webcam.

Step six: Continue adding information- Stream layout: the boxes will be in a straight row. Free form- boxes will be wherever you double click on the wall.

Step seven:You can decide to share or export your wall. This is the box with the arrow located in the right hand menu. You can share your wall on facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest, instagram.
You can export it as a pdf, excel or csv document. You can also embed it in your blog using the html code provided. You can also email or print your wall.

Now for the many ways you can use this in the classroom!!

Padlet can be used in many different brainstorming activities or discussions where participation can be active rather than passive for all students. Some suggestions for using padlet in the classroom are:

  • K-W-L charts for pre and post assessment
  • use as a formative assessment tool to check for student understanding
  • place a sentence starter on a wall and allow students to complete with their own ideas
  • allow students to ask questions about topics or assignments
  • use a wall for group research projects to share ideas and web addresses
  • showcase student work
  • use to collect feedback or as a ticket out the door
Here are some videos to view on how to use this awesome webtool!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Spider Padlet Wall

Today, I presented at and attended a technology conference! I presented on using the smart board in a kindergarten classroom.

I attended a session, when I was finished presenting, on Padlet. What an awesome tool!

I made a wall for my next unit on spiders!

Here it is!

Padlet is free! It is user friendly! It can be used with your students.
Just sign up for a free account at
Then click on Build a wall.
On the right side will be a menu to change the background and the name of your page. You can also share your finished page using the menu on the right.

Once you change your background, you can start to add details and text. Just double click on your wall and a box will come up. here you can type either a name or a sentence. then you can write something and add links.

I love this!

I will give a better tutorial tomorrow! I better go back and pay attention to the rest of the presentation!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bats at the Ballgame

To continue with our bat week,  we read the book Bats at the Ballgame. The kids loved it! To honor my team for being in the world series, we made Boston Red Sox bats. They made bats and put Boston baseball jerseys and hats on them. They then wrote one thing they learned abt bats on a baseball and glued they're bays onto them as if the bats were sitting on a baseball. We hung them in the classroom. The kids loved it!!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red Sox to the World Series

Game one is on Wednesday and to celebrate my red Sox getting there, my kids are going to have Boston red Sox baseball bats. We are studying bats this week so we are going to make bats and dress them as Red Sox baseball players. We are going to read the book, Bats at the Ball game!

Will post pictures when they are done!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Andy the Armadillo comes to Kindergarten

What a day we had today!!! This morning, Andy the Armadillo,  , from Texas Roadhouse, came to Kindergarten. The kids loved him!

During this assembly, kindergarteners were taught how Texas Road house made bread. They got to see the ingredients, smell the yeast and touch the bread dough. They were made official Texas Road house bakers. Boy were they excited!

Then they were read two Pigeon books. They loved these and Andy was funny behind the reader.

They ended the assembly by teaching them the Texas Road house chant.

Each child on the way out got a special treat from Andy!!

What an awesome time!

Fire safety week

Last week, the students had an awesome time learning about fire safety. The Delaware City Fire Department came to the school and spoke to the kids about fire safety. The kids got to sit in the fire truck and see all the bells and whistles. They loved it!

Then later in the unit, the kids made traffic light cookies with the student teacher, Miss Reamer! This was from Kim Adsit's Fire Safety unit! The kids talked about what a recipe was and then they followed one and made the cookies. They then made a recipe. These were hung in the hall.

Thank you, Miss Reamer for this awesome experience.

Here is the bulletin board made by Miss Reamer and the kids:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chic Fil A Spirit Night

Our school had a spirit night at Chic Fil A, My absolute favorite place, and it was mobbed. A lot of my kids came out and spent some quality time with me and the other faculty members who were there. The cow was the hit!!!! Here is a pic of some of my kids, past and present, with the cow:

Sunday, October 6, 2013


We have finished our week of apples!! We made homemade applesauce. The kids loved using the peeler/corer from pampered chef! They loved the applesauce.
They did Apple labeling. They are getting better sounding out their words. Many are getting the beginning and ending sounds!!!

They also made Apple trees using their hands as the leaves. Then they put the number of apples that equaled their age on their tree. They then compared the letters in their name to how many apples
are on their tree.

We also used the awesome apple unit created by kindergarten smorgasbord and Deanna Jump!

Here are a couple of pictures of what we did: