Thursday, October 3, 2019

This is us!

Relationships! I can not talk or write enough about the importance of these! Having a relationship with your kids is vital to their success and to you having a successful school year! 

How do we do this? By creating an environment that is full of trust, love and respect! Believing in them! Letting them know that it is ok to fail! Create an environment in which they are not afraid to take a risk!

One activity I did that I love and gave them the idea that we are a family was out This Is Us wall!

We talked about how our families hang our photos on a wall!  We talked about how it made them feel. Some of their responses were loved and respected! Some said it made them feel special! 

Then we talked about the classroom and what I expected from them. We talked about my expectations academically and socially. 

They then decorated their frame for their pictures to hang on our family wall! 

We used kwikstix paint sticks to decorate our frames!!! They are amazing! If you have not used these, you must! Paint in a stick!!! They dry within 90 seconds! They are bright and vivid! They can be used on many different surfaces! 

Here they are using their kwikstix on wooden photo frames! The frames are from Michaels. 

Here is our finished wall up close!