Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Fling with ESGI and Friends!

Do you ESGI? If not you are missing so much!!! This is literally the one teacher tool that every teacher needs!!! Do you have an extra 400 hours to spare? Well if you had ESGI you would! This program saves you time sooooo much time!!!

I am here to share with you a promotion that really you can’t pass up!!! 

This promotion will:

Give you ESGI free through August 31.
Give you a 40 dollar savings off of 1st year purchase price
Give you an ESGI All Star TShirt with purchase!!! These shirts are amazing. Check it out below! 

Sign up between April 1 and May 15 to be eligible for this promotion !

Now why should you do ESGI now?

It is going to soon be that time of year when you need to show growth to your administrators. Benchmarking and end of year assessments are coming up! What better way to assess then to use ESGI? It is time saving! It is paper saving! The kids love it! They don’t dread testing as a matter of fact my kids beg to do it! 

ESGI has assessments already loaded but you can also enter your own! Formatives no problem! Exit tickets, no problem! 
You can add anything you need to assess! 

Parent letters and flash cards are crates based on the scores! Easy to communicate with families! Just print letter and send it home!

So let’s get you started just click the link below to sign up for your free trial!