Sunday, September 27, 2015

Look What I Found

While I was online, planning my lessons. I found this and wow was I surprised!

Just thought I would share. I am not one to toot my own horn but this was very exciting for me!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Class Dojo does it again!!!!!

I know you have heard this over and over again but I loooove  +ClassDojo! They are amazing!! We, meaning teachers, ask for changes and additions and they do whatever they can to accommodate us! What other company does that!!!!!!!!!

First, they add groups! What a lifesaver!!! 

 Then they add Class Story! Love this and so does the parents! This is a great way to keep parents informed!!!!

Now they add.........


These icons are for both positive and needs work areas! There are no longer red and green ones. The only thing that is red and green are the circles the points are in! I love this! This makes it an even more positive experience!

So thank you Class Dojo! Thank you for listening!!! Thank you for all of these awesome additions! and mostly thank you for my Mojo!!!! I just love him!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Are you ready for a Giveaway?????

I am so excited to be sharing this amazing product with you!! O-Venture has an awesome key ring that they sent me to try and also gave me one to give away to one lucky reader!

I have to say I love this key ring! It is sturdy, the keys do not fall off, it stays on your wrist and it is hard to lose!!! These are all factors that are important to me and I am sure to you as well when it comes to your key rings!

This key rings hangs on your wrist which provides you the opportunity of a hands free experience. 

These key rings were also one of  Oprah's favorite things!!!!

So here is the one I have to give away! 

Click on the pic to go to their site!

Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this awesome Key Ring!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Class Story!

I am so excited to be writing this blog post!!!! As you all know, or will now know, I absolutely love Class Dojo! The program is amazing, the tech team is awesome and their communication is out of this world!

Whenever teachers have a  request, they do everything in their power to make it happen. Well, many requested a way to load photos and memos! To have a place other then messages for these items to be shared! Well, they listened!! 

They have created, tested and now released Class Story!!!! Class Story allows teachers to share moments from their room with all of their parents. Parents can like a picture. No comments can be made! Student safety and teacher ease is their top priority!!!!

Class Dojo has created a press release and in it they describe what Class Story is and how it works. I will quote right from their release:

"How it works
Teachers can add photo or text posts to their private class feed; posts are shared with all connected parents automatically. Unlike class websites, Twitter, or Instagram, this means that only parents can see these important stories and no one else, keeping ClassDojo safe and secure for families, students, and teachers.

Teachers will know when parents have seen their posts with read receipts, plus they’ll feel the love when parents “heart” their posts. Over time, the company says they’ll be adding new types of “posts” teachers would like to make, such as videos and voice notes.

As of today, Class Story is part of the ClassDojo app, and will work and sync across any iOS/Android device and any web browser for both teachers and parents."

To learn more about Class Story click on Mojo below:

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pinterest September Pick 3

I love this linky!!! I am linking up again with The Inspired Owl and Pawsitively Teaching for their monthly Pinterest Pick 3 Linky!!!

Here are my 3 monthly picks!!!

Since we are now a Responsive Classroom School, I found this awesome idea! I like the poster idea of course I will tailor it to fit my classroom decor and expectations!!!

Loving this Class Promise wall!!!!

I love this for Open House!!!

Well there are my 3 picks for the month of September! Click on the picture below to go see many more picks of some other amazing educators!!!!

GoNoodle's Back to School Blogger Blitz!

Do you GoNoodle? I love GoNoodle! Since I am a GoNoodle blogger I am linking up with GoNoodle and the other amazing bloggers to share how I plan to use GoNoodle in my classroom this year and to offer you a chance to win GoNoodle prizes!

I am very excited about this school year! I am a firm believer that movement and physical activity is vital for student success! That is why I love GoNoodle!

My students will begin and end every day this year with Maximo. This is a daily part of our Morning Meeting and our closing circle! I feel it is important for them to start and end the day with a little Yoga, cool down and calming activity as well as physical activity. 

I am really excited about the project that I have created and plan on doing using one of our favorite GoNoodle heroes, Freckles! To increase the writing skills and reading skills of my students, I have created a Flat Freckles unit. This is based on the same idea as Flat Stanley. I wrote a book and created a writing journal for the kids to write in about their adventures with Flat Freckles. I also have enlisted about 30 classrooms around the United States who would like to take part in this activity! We are so excited to begin this adventure!!!!

Of course, I will also be using GoNoodle throughout the day, to keep those brain juices flowing!!!!

I already posted earlier about how I incorporate the GoNoodle heroes in my Math and ELA lessons! 

But this year, I decorated my classroom using the GoNoodle heroes! Here are some pictures of my room:

GoNoodle Choice Sticks

Table caddies

Table Signs

So there are a few ways I am incorporating GoNoodle into my classroom. The list will lengthen as the year goes on. 

Now here is the exciting part!!!!!! GoNoodle has given me a class set of GoNoodle Head bands to give away to one lucky reader!!! 

Just enter the Rafflecopter below!!!!

And that's not all, they have created a special discount code to use in their store from September 5 to september 11. You get 15% off your purchases just by entering the code BTSwithGoNoodle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So click on the code below to visit some other sites and enter to win more GoNoodle prizes!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Currently!

Hello, All! I can not believe that it is already September! Since it is the first of September, it is time for the monthly linky party with Farley of Oh Boy 4th Grade!

So here is my September Currently.........

Listening: While I am blogging, I am listening to NCIS New Orleans on tv! I really should be in bed asleep!!!

Loving: I can not tell a lie! I am so excited that it is a short week this week! I do not know about you but I am exhausted this week!!!

Thinking: I have so much to do and not enough time to do it! My list just grows and grows no matter how much I do, it seems to be never ending!!

Wanting: I want a new treadmill! I keep seeing them on tv and I just want a new one so bad!!!

Needing: A new planner! I printed out one but it is not working for me! I need a new planner. Now which one is the question??? 

3 Goals: I have three goals this school year. My first goal is to be and stay organized! This will take a lot of effort and work but it should be achievable! I hope!!! Mt second goal is to leave work earlier! I have been doing this for 22 years and I am still there late each night!! My last goal is patience! this is something I need to work on!

Well, there is my currently for September! Click below to see what some more awesome educators are currently doing!!!