Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dover Air Force Base: An Amazing Field Trip

On November 12, we took a field trip to Dover Air Force Base! Can I just say this trip was amazing! the kids loved it! The parents loved it! I loved it!

Upon arrival, we went out to see the many planes that are on display. These were huge! There was a plane called the Nightingale. This plane flew the injured soldiers back from war and on the top half of the plane was an operating room in case they needed surgery on the way back.

There was a C5. this plane was HUGE!!!! It can hold 32 pallets but the amazing fact was how many ping
pong balls it could hold! Can you guess how many?......... Wait for it................... ok here is the amount!  25,844,746!!!!  Now that is a lot of ping pong balls!!!

We saw so many different planes and got to go in some of them! We got to sit in the cockpit of one of the planes!

Here are some of the planes we saw and a picture of one of my kids in the cockpit!

We also got to see a plane land on the runway!

Here are a few pictures:

This was awesome!!!

Then we went into the museum and saw some more planes! The kids got to listen to some recordings of pilots talking about when they flew the planes.

There was a small plane for them to sit in and get their picture taken. Here is one of my girls in the plane:

Overall it was an amazing day! Fun was had by all! Here is our group photo!!!!

If you ever get a chance to come to Delaware, I strongly recommend going to the Air Force base and visit their museum. The experience will be one to remember!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sit Spots and Math: An interactive experience

Can I just begin by saying, I absolutely love my sitspots!! When I first heard about these, I was excited to have spots on the rug that were not pieces of tape! But then I began to think, how else can I use these in my classroom. After much thought I contacted Joyce from SitSpots and shared with her my ideas! She loved them and I soon began making interactive math activities using  SitSpots!

So my math rug began to take shape. First I made my ten frames and number sentence shell. I used 3/4" black strips to make the ten frames and I am using yellow and black circles for the dots. My kids roll a die and they put the correct number of circles in the ten frames then they complete the number sentence shell.

This was a big hit, so I thought what else can I make? Number Bonds!!! My kids love these. I used yellow circles for the sum and white circles for the addends. I used 3/4" strips for the lines. I wrote the numbers on the circles using a Sharpie paint pen.

The next math activity I made was tally marks. I cut the 3/4" strip into 2 feet pieces. I cut out 50 of them. The kids rolled a double die and represented the number using tally marks. They loved this!

I then made a rekenrek. We have been using these during our number talks. They loved this. I used 2 inch strips for the sides and the two bars. I then used 10 red ovals and 10 white ovals for the beads. The kids rolled the die and represented that number by moving the beads from right to left on the rekenrek. This was a big hit!

The last thing I made was a number line. I used the 3/4" strip and cut it 12 feet long. I then used red and blue circles for the numbers. The even numbers were written on the blue circles and the odd numbers were written on the red circles. I wrote the numbers using a black Sharpie paint pen. The kids rolled a double die and marked the outside number with a white sit spots strip and then marked the inside number with a white sit spots strip. They then counted the jumps in between. Some wrote number sentences using the first quantity and adding the number of jumps. We also used the number line to talk about odd and even numbers!

So this is my interactive math floor using Sit Spots! These are an awesome product that can be used for more then just marking where your kids sit! My class absolutely loves our math floor and it has certainly added fun to our math centers as well as more tools for reinforcing the skills they need!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Currently

I am linking up with Farley of Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the November Currently Linky!
I absolutely love this monthly linky! Reading the linkies of the other teachers is so interesting. We see what we have in common and learn new things!

Here is my November Currently!

Listening: I am listening to the Patriots' Broncos game while working on my computer!
Loving: I am loving that the Patriots are beating the Broncos! I love my Tom Brady!!!
Thinking: I need to write my class newsletter but would rather watch the game!
Wanting: The Patriots to score a few more touchdowns because the Broncos make me nervous!
Needing: I am in desperate need of some new winter clothes! I have not bought myself new winter clothes in about 3 years! I need to be somewhat in style! LOL!
Reading: Gone Girl and I love it! I would not go see the movie because I am reading the book and did not want the ending ruined for me! I will have to get it on On Demand when it comes out!

So click on the picture below to go see what some other awesome educators are currently doing!

Sunday Circular Linky

I am linking up with the awesome Nicole of All Things Apple for her Sunday Savings Circular Linky Party!
Here is my Sunday Circular!

This week I am giving anyone who buys a product in my store from today until wednesday a free product. Then my store will be on sale for 20% off from Wed until Friday!

Please click on the picture below to see the deals of some other awesome educators!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Staching through Movember!"

Hello, everyone! It is November 1 and it is Movember!

What is Movember?

Movember is the month when men grow mustaches as a way to inform the community about Men's health and the importance it is to get regular check ups. It is very easy in today's society to become wrapped up in ourselves and skip the check ups- especially if you are a man. But they must keep in mind that it is very important for their health to always schedule and keep your regular check ups!

This is the month when men grow mustaches to raise awareness, conversations and funds for testicular and prostate cancer as well as men's mental health issues!

Men grow staches in support of this awesome event!

Conversations about men’s health have lead to Awareness 
and understanding of the health risks men face

So my "Mo-sistas" and I (they call the men who grow the mustaches "Mo-Bros") have donned our mustaches for Movember!

to Shave the date of November 1st and join us in supporting Movember!

So click on the stache below to help support this awesome cause!

Some other supporters that I know are my daughter and our Guinea Pig, Molly! They donned staches in support as well!

The products I used to show my support of this awesome cause are from Creative Teaching Press!
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So I mustache you to spread the word about this awesome cause and to enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below!

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