Monday, October 26, 2015

A new color!

I am so excited to be partnering with Classroom Friendly Supplies and be able to share with you, the brand new color of the best pencil sharpener I have ever used! I absolutely love this sharpener! It is awesome!

What I love about this company, Classroom Friendly Supplies, is that they listen to teachers. We requested and they made this sharpener in a brand new color......... PURPLE!!!!!!!!! And let me tell you it is awesome! My girls love it!

So now, not only do we have an amazing pencil sharpener that is quiet and provides us with an awesome point but it is also decorative and hip!

Look at the points!!!!

They offer a special Teacher pack as well. This is a pack of three of these amazing sharpeners for only $53.97- That is only $17.99 per sharpener. The colors are gorgeous and this allows us a chance to afford to set up multiple sharpening areas in your room to avoid congestion!!!!

If you have never used one of these, you are missing out on an awesome sharpener. It takes very little off of the pencil, so your pencils last longer. The point is so sturdy, that it lasts for a long time. There are less congregations at the pencil sharpener because the point lasts so long!

Here is a video about this awesome sharpener:

This sharpener is a classic! The colors are vibrant! The new purple is bright, colorful and loved by the girls! Please check it out!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

An Awesome Day With..........

Oh, my! Can I just say, I had the best two days, I think I have ever had! I had the awesome opportunity to spend two days with Debbie Clement!

First, a little background! I met Debbie through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! We began chatting and then I began to participate in her amazing Twitter chat #teacherfriends on Tuesdays from 9pm to 10pm. We became fast friends. Then we started talking about a possible visit and before you know it, she was here!!!!

Here we are in my classroom on the day she arrived!

So, she arrived on Monday, and did 3 assemblies with the three upper grades. Then she spent time at school with me until we went to dinner at Crabby Dicks! Some of my close teacher friends joined us! This was a fun and entertaining dinner! Then she came to my house for the night!

My daughter was so excited to have a real live author sleeping in her house! She was bouncing off the walls! 

Then on Tuesday, debbie came to school with me and she did the assemblies for grades 1, 2 and K. Amazing does not even describe this assembly! The kids were engaged, on task and mesmerized! they loved all the sings, dances and books! They really loved it when the teachers danced to Go Piggy!

Here are some pictures:

Loved this experience! Loved the books! Loved how happy she made my kids! I just love her!!!!!
Did I mention this day was amazing!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Class Dojo Translate!

Once again, the amazing @ClassDojo masterminds have listened to us and have given us another feature that will set ClassDojo apart from the others!

Starting today, we now have ClassDojo translate!

Now every post we make can be translated by our students family with just a push of the button on their end! How amazing and helpful is that!!!!! At this time, this feature is only available on the web. It will be coming to Android and IOS devices in the near future!

Family engagement is a main focus of ClassDojo and teachers everywhere! This feature is one that is needed and will definitely improve communication between families and classrooms around the world!

I am so glad because I have a student whose family does not speak English well and this will definitely be a way to bridge the communication gap!!!

Another improvement that will help educators share #classdojolove 

Thank you, ClassDojo!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pinterest Pick Three October

I love this linky! The educators who link up provide us so many awesome pins to use in your classroom! if you are looking for ideas, this is the linky to read and join!!!! So I have linked up with The Inspired owl and Pawsitively teaching for their awesome monthly Pinterest Linky!!!

So here are my three October Picks for you!!!

OMG!!! I love this snack idea!!! Isn't this the cutest!!!!!

An awesome Science activity!!!!

I have seen this so much but I love it!!!!

So there are my three october Picks! I hope you liked them! Please visit the others to see their picks and to link up yourself!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Currently October

I love the first of the month! I love this Currently Linky that Farley of Oh' Boy 4th Grade has created!! This is the time when we can meet so many teachers from around the world! I love reading what they are doing and thinking!!! Thank you Farley!!!!!!!!!

So here is my October Currently!!

Listening: Since it is so cool, I can finally have my windows open, so I am currently listening to the traffic right now! 

Loving: I am so thankful it is finally Fall! I love Fall!!!!

Thinking: I have so much stuff to go and I just don;t want to go it! I want to stay in my pajamas, curl up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and a book and just hibernate!

Wanting: To just stay in my warm bed and enjoy the cool weather!!!

Needing: I need to get up and get ready for a day of Professional development! I just do not want to!!

Boo-tiful: All of the compliments that I get from my firstgators and my daughter make me feel extremely loved and boo-tiful!

So here is my Currently, click on the button below to see what some other awesome educators are currently doing and thinking!!!