Thursday, January 23, 2020

Augmented Reality in the classroom

Augmented reality in the classroom! First of all do you know what augmented reality is? Have you ever heard of it? Have you ever thought of using it in your classroom?

Let’s begin with what augmented reality is! It is simply the combination of the real world and the virtual (computer generated) . If it is done correctly you can not tell the difference. Augmented reality is also known and referred to as AR.

What is the importance of iAR?  AR allows our students to interact with the subject. It enhances their experience by giving them the opportunity to interact with what they are learning about. It makes learning fun! 

Why should we use AR in  our classroom? AR enhances their experience! Their interaction with the subject is hands on  and it makes the students want to explore and learn. 

One site that I love to use with my firsties is quiver  just go to their website. This provide coloring sheets that they are able to make come to life with AR. I use this site on Dot Day! Please check out their pictures below! 

Aren’t these amazing! Quiver has a variety of sheets for you to use just download their app and you are all set. 

How do I get AR? There are so many apps for you to download on your smartphone or devices to bring AR into the classroom! You can also buy products that are AR oriented. 

There is the merge cube by Microsoft that you can purchases for 19.99 and then download and purchase apps to use with it. 

How cube works is you download the cube apps to your device. Point your device at the cube. Watch the cube transform to whatever it is you are learning about! 

It is truly amazing!

Another AR app that is awesome is frogipedia. This is a lid app. It costs 3.99. But you are able to do virtual dissections. See the life cycle of the frog up close and personal. Watch tadpoles swim and learn about frogs! 

World brush is another app that allows you to interact with the real world around allows you to paint whatever you see. What you add becomes 3D! 

There are so many AR opportunities out there! I hope you try some and I hope you share them with me when you do!!