Thursday, September 22, 2016

Class Dojo Does It Again!!!

I am so excited to be able to share this information with you! Class Dojo has done it again! 

First, they make the first 5 Growth Mindset Videos and then Series 2 and now...... Wait for it..........

A new video series on EMPATHY!!!!!! I am so excited!! My kiddos love the Mojo videos and I am so glad that they will be focusing on Empathy. This is something I feel is needed because many of our students today do not feel empathy at all. They do not even know what it is.

What better way to get our kiddos to understand Empathy then to have the beloved Mojo and Katie educate them!!

This new series will be out on October 2 but you can view the trailer below!!!!!

Thank you +ClassDojo for always listening to teachers and providing us with things we need to have successful classroom environment!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy me hearties!!! September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day and I have to say I love this day!!!!

This is one of those days that allows you to have fun but teach your kiddos all skills using Pirates. This is when our boys are in hog heaven because they just love Pirates! 

So, how do we celebrate this day in our classroom? With a blow up pirate, a huge ship wheel, pirate hard, eye patches, mustaches, telescopes and some pirate caution tape of course!!! Doesn't everybody?!!!!

Thanks to Oriental Trading, we were able to get all of our great items we needed to be Buccaneers for a day! 

I was able to get pirate hats, eye patches, mustaches, and small telescopes for all of my kiddos through Oriental Trading! My kids loved it! 

I also was able to get the giant blow up pirate and this ship wheel as well from Oriental Trading

This day allows them to dress up as pirates and learn our hearts out!

Not only did we dress up but we learned about answering key details from a nonfiction text with a pirate book I wrote just for today! They also got to color a cute picture to take home! The links to the book activity and a free coloring sheet are below!

Melonheadz have the most amazing pirate and NOW she has talk like a pirate  clip art!! These are a must have!!!!!

We can not forget Krispy Kreme, they celebrate this day with free donuts for all that go dressed as a pirate!!!!

So thank you oriental trading for having these amazing products at affordable prices for my kids! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Camp Iwanttoreadalot

I now have a favorite area in my room! This is thanks to +Oriental Trading ! I absolutely love my new reading area! I have called it Camp Iwanttoreadalot! 

When I began to think about redoing my reading area, I had so many ideas in my head! Then I looked at the education catalog from Oriental Trading and saw the camping stuff for classrooms and fell in love! 

I had to get the background! They have so many awesome backgrounds to fit all of your educational needs! Just check out their catalog!

I fell in love with the trees and the stump!!! 

Here is my reading area redesigned!!!

The teepee and the rug are from +Target . The pillows in the teepee are also from +Target . The polka dotted pillows are from +Kohl's ! 

All the awesome materials I received from +Oriental Trading was easy to assemble, hang up and coordinate. It added so much to my classroom! 

Please go visit Oriental Trading for all of your classroom needs! 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Going on a Word Hunt

We are on the hunt for CVC words! My student teacher and I hung Pictures all over the classroom and my kiddos had to find them and write the CVC word for each picture on their recording sheet! 

But what do you need to use when you are hunting for things in your environment???  Well.... Binoculars of course!!! My kiddos love the binoculars I got from Oriental Trading!

The kids absolutely loved the binoculars and it added just enough novelty t the activity that they were begging for more!


I absolutely encourage you to check out Oriental Trading for all of your back to school and classroom needs!!! They have so much to choose from and it adds so much fun to your every day class activities!!!!!!



Saturday, September 3, 2016

September Pinterest Pick 3

I absolutely love this Monthly Linky! I am so glad to be linking up again this month with The  Inspired Owl and Pawsitively Teaching for their monthly Pinterest Pick 3 Linky!

So here are my three picks for September!!!!!!!!

September is Growth Mindset Month! So here are some great things to do with Growth Mindset in your classroom!!! Don't forget the +ClassDojo amazing Growth Mindset videos!!

September 15 is Dot Day!!! I absolutely love this book and the message it gives my students!! Here are some amazing things to do with this awesome book!!!

And my third is to celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day which is on September 19!!!!

So there are my three picks for September!!! Click below to see what some other amazing educators are sharing this month!