Thursday, October 27, 2016

Duct Taping our Principal

Today was an awesome experience for the kids!!! We just had our book fair and the challenge for the kids was to bring in loose change daily! If they brought in 100 dollars in loose change then they got to duct tape our principal to the wall!!! Well, they exceeded it by 500 dollars so today they got to duct tape him to the wall!!

The kids loved it!!!  Check it out below!!!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

American Symbols

This is kne of my favorite things to teach my firsties!! I absolutely love teaching the American Symbols!! We have learned two so far and those are the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell!

What do I love about these you may ask???!! Well, my kidsvm excitement!! Their eyes light up with all of the awesome facts they hear! I also love the looks on their faces when they look at the actual pictures that I took when I visited them!!!

So for the Statue of Liberty, we learn all about the Statue and all of the amazing facts! Of course we have to make predictions about the size of her foot and nose!!! 

We draw her and of course dress up as her and get our picture taken!!!!


Now for the Liberty Bell, we learned about the facts, saw where it is located, got to hold the liberty Bell made out of Legos, hold a metal model of it, do an experiment with two bells (one with a crack in it and one without a crack). In the experiment they had to listen to see if the two bells sounded the same or different and figure out why!! They loved it! We ended the lesson with a directed drawing of the Liberty Bell!



Next week we will learn about the election and then the White House! Have a great day!!!


Friday, October 21, 2016

Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

Can I just say I love working with the staff at Winner Subaru in Dover, DE!!!! They are amazing. 
One thing for sure is they are very conscientious when it comes to their families of their customers as well as their community over all.

I first brought you an awesome graphic from them about things that families can do to help their children be successful and to not lose what they have learned throughout the summer months. 

Now I am sharing with you their awesome graphic for tips on making your child's trick or treating experience a safe and enjoyable one!!! 

Here are their tips, please feel free to share them with your friends, family and community!!!

Thank your Winner Subaru for these awesome tips and your true dedication to your community!!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

October Pick Three Pinterest Linky!!!

I absolutely love this time of the month!!!! This is when a group of educators link together to give you so many amazing Pinterest ideas that you can do in your classroom throughout the month.

So once again, I am linking up with The Inspired Owl for the Pinterest Pick Three Monthly Linky!!!

Here are my Finds:

OMG! How awesome are these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't these the cutest treats!!!!!

Here is another adorable great!!! 

I must be hungry because this month I have found two treats!!! LOL!!!!

So click below to link up with us or to check out what awesome ideas other amazing educators have to share with you this month!!!!