Saturday, July 25, 2015

Have You Heard about GoNoodle?!!!

OMG! Have you heard? Have you seen?  It is absolutely amazing! I am so psyched, aren't you!!! So I am sure right about now you are thinking, what is she talking about or you may even be thinking that I have lost my mind! 

Well, I am talking about the amazing GONOODLE!!!!!! Loooook what they now have!!!!!!!

They now have all you need to make your classroom GoNoodle Crazy!!!! They have supply labels, blank label, banner, name tags, coloring sheets and so on! They are AWESOME!!!

I love Freckles and look at what they have!!!

Aren' t  these incredibly cute?

The ideas are endless for the use of these materials!!!! I can not wait to see what you all create! I am already downloading and creating!!!!

Remember they have an art pack on the blog that you can download to use the avatars in your classroom!!! These are awesome for math manipulatives, story starters, labeling, etc. Click on Tangy to go to the Share page, scroll down and there is the art pack, Just click and download!!!!

Did you know they also have a store???!! Yes, they do, I am serious and this store is wonderful! What chid wouldn't want GoNoodle swag!!!! They have pencils, wrist bands, head bands, cups, lanyards, stickers, tattoos, pens, etc.. I love buying this for my kiddos. I put the smaller items in my Class Dojo store. What an incentive for being on their best behavior!!!

Click on Freckles (My favorite besides Bart) to go to the GoNoodle Store!!!

And one final thing, i was a guest blogger on the GoNoodle blog!!! I shared the different ways I use GoNoodle in the classroom. Please click on McPufferson to see my post!!!!

So there it is, a  bunch of GoNoodle love!!! 

What better way to go back to school then to GoNoodle your way into a great school Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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