Monday, August 14, 2017

A Mess Free Paint?!..... Yes Please!!!!

Kids love to paint! Teachers love to paint! What we do not like is the mess that goes along with painting! The nasty dirty water! The brushes to clean! 

Well, those days are over!!! I absolutely love using Kwik Stix Paint Stix. These amazing paint tools are just like a glue stick! They look like a glue stick! They are used like a glue stick! But they are tempera paint!!!!

They come in metallics!

They come in neon!

They come in the original colors!!
They also come in thin Stix!
What is awesome about these paint stix besides no mess is that they dry in 90 seconds!!! Yes 90 seconds!! How awesome is that!!! 

Look how bright and beautiful the kids artwork is using these awesome sticks!!!!!

This is a definite must have for your classroom! The great news is you can buy these on Amazon and at Target!!!!




Friday, August 11, 2017

Do you esgi?

Do you esgi? 

Oh my if you don't, you must!!!!! This is an amazing program!! It will literally save you hundreds of hours of work!! 

When you hear the word assessments what comes to mind? I know, you groan, your heart skips a beat and it is not a good beat! 

When your kids hear test time, what do they do? Pretty much the same as we do but for a different reason! 

ESGI is amazing! It takes the aw man out of assessing!!! My kids love it! I love it and you will love it too!

You can make your own assessments or use their test explorer to find a test that you need! It is all done on the computer!


Here is what your page will look like!

These are all the assessments that I created and my kids took last year for their most common words! I love the pie graphs! This is great data! You can see this for each  child or as a whole class, it is up to you!

Another amazing feature is that you can get flash cards for the words or information that your kids need to work on or you can print out flash cards for all the words that is up to you! I normally print out the flash cards for the words they need to work on!

I absolutely love the fact that it alsonlrints a parent letter! This letter tells them the test they took. The words they got correct! The words they need to work on and what theybsaidnformthe words that they need to work on!

Not only does it do assessment but ESGI also have a classroom management section! You can print off name tags, class lists and much much more! I love the parent teacher conference section where you can schedule conferences, print out parent letters and reminders to send home!!! 

Doesn't this sound amazing!!! So here is some even better news!!! You can try it free for 60 days and if you like it you save 40 dollars off the price!!! 

Click here for your free trial!!!