Monday, July 20, 2015

Daily 5 Book Study Chapter 7

Hey Ya'll! I am very excited to be hosting this chapter of our Daily 5 Book Study! I am co-hosting this chapter with the awesome Nicole of All Things Apple in Second.

I love the wrote that the 2 Sisters chose to open up their chapter! I am going to make this a part of my classroom! So feel free to download the quote below!

Chapter 6 was all about launching Read to Self. Now the students have been working on this area and building stamina it is time to begin launching the rest of the Daily 5. 

So when do we introduce the next Daily 5 area? well, when the students have shown the ability to work independently during Read to Self and their stamina has increased then we introduce the next area, which is Work on Writing.

Here is a little cheat sheet that shows the amount of minutes the students should be able to work independently during Read to Self before the next area is launched!

The next area we launch is Work on Writing. if you read the first edition, the 2 Sisters had introduced Read to Someone next but they researched and found that Work on writing is very important and needs to be introduced and launched earlier. 

One thing to remember is that Writing Workshop and Work on Writing are not the same thing. You still need to do writing workshop. Work on writing is used to work on the writing they are doing during their course of study. if they are working on narrative writing in writing workshop then they will continue this during Work On Writing. But they do not have to just work on this type of writing. Remember Daily 5 is full of choice so they may choose to do another writing activity during Work on Writing. 

Here is a writing menu I created for Work on Writing. Please feel free to download it if you would like!

When we go to launch the other Daily 5 areas, make sure you review the expectations, the I charts from the other areas, desired and undesired behaviors, and the purpose for each area! 

Brainstorm with the students what the behaviors of each area are, demonstrate and model the desired behaviors, practice and then the independence seeking begins. 

In Work on Writing, writing is done immediately. We step back and let them write. If they get off task, we signal and regroup. 

Now that we have two areas launched, we continue practicing and then introduce choice. Once they have the stamina in both areas, hold a huddle and tell them that they are in charge of the order they do their areas. This is their choice. 

Now for the last step, Check In. This is when we ask what they did and they share what they plan on working on first. There are several different ways to keep track of this. Some have charts that they hang in their room, others have individual charts that they color in the area they choose. This is up to you, whatever works best for you.

Well, once all areas have been launched, we need to make sure that there are certain things in place and routines before we release them into the Daily 5 Choices. 

1. There needs to be an even number of students at Read to Someone
2. Dismiss the kids individually to go to their choices
3. When at the gathering place, students wait until they are dismissed as a group
4. Students are released as a whole from the gathering place.

Now that we have discussed the launching, I am just going to do an overview of what each of the final 3 areas may focus on:

Here is a list of reminders to hang in your word work area if you would like!!

I know this was a long post but the launching is very important to the success of your Daily 5 Implementation!

Here is our schedule to follow along for the rest of our book study.


  1. Cindy, I love your posters! I can't wait to use them in a few week! :)