Sunday, July 26, 2015

Daily 5 Chapter 8 Math Daily 3

I am linking up for chapter 8 in our Daily 5 Book Study. I can not believe that we only have one more chapter left! I have learned so much from this book and I can not wait to get into my classroom and implement the Daily 5!

This chapter is about The math Daily 3. The previous chapters have been focused on ELA. I have to say I love The Math Daily 3. I implemented this last year in my classroom. I teach First Grade and I was team teaching. So all I had to teach all day was math and Science. I wanted to teach it in a different way then the traditional way so I researched and I combined The Math Daily 3 with Guided math and I have top tell ya, my kids soared!

When launching these components, we launch Math By Myself first. The focus will be on building stamina woking independently with math games. Stamina is being built. I Charts are created. 
Next component launched is Math Writing. Focus is on expressing themselves mathematically using pictures, words, and equations. This is done similar to work on writing in Daily 5. Allow them to choose a comfortable area. Great for Math Journals.
Then we launch Math With Someone. The focus is working with someone else collaboratively and appropriately.

All of the components have I Charts Just like the components of Daily 5 do. I have created I Charts for the Daily 3 and posters if you would like them click on them below to download.

We only have one  more post left in our book study! In case you missed my other posts, here are the links:

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