Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Daily 5 Book Study- Chapter 6

I am so excited to be linking up with our host, Sarah's First Grade Snippets, for Chapter 6 of the Daily 5 Book Study! As I read this book, my fears are subsiding and this is no longer a scary implementation for me! I am still nervous but I am not scared like I was before I began this journey! So here we go with........

This is when we would model and train the kids on how to choose a successful spot for them to sit and read independently. This is a spot where they know they will not be distracted and will read independently.

They are also taught the three ways to read a book:
1. Through picture
2. Through words
3. Through retelling

Then they would also be taught how to choose a good fit book!

We, as teachers, would model how to brainstorm and come up with ideas to write about in our writing journals.  They will have writing journals to write in daily. 
They would have writing notebooks and they are allowed to personalize them anyway they choose.

When setting up the notebooks, cut the corners of 3 to 5 pages. This is where they would write their think about its- ideas for journal. 

Think about its are the topics they brainstorm and underneath the topic are ideas to write about that topic.

There is a lot to this foundation lesson! We discuss, model and practice EEKK.

This is the way the kids are to sit when they are reading with someone.

Then we must model how we hold the book properly when reading with someone else. The book should be placed between the two readers as they sit side by side.

Then we must discuss and model appropriate voice levels when in this area. We call the correct voice level, a private voice. Loud enough for our partner to hear and low enough so that we do not bother those around us.

Then we discuss and model how we read as partners.

When reading the same book, partners can:
1. I read, You read- one partner reads a page and the other partner reads the next page and so on.

2. Choral Read- Read the page together

When reading different books, partners can:

1. I Read You Read- Both partners have a good fit book, one partner will read a page of their book, mark it with a marker and then the other reader will do the same.

When reading a book together, the students are trained through teacher modeling to use the following strategies to choose who reads first:

1. Good Manners- One partner asks the other politely if they would like to start.

2. Let's Make A Deal- When they both want to read, one partner says how about if we read your book first and then we can read mine.

3. Rock, Paper, Scissors- The winner gets to read first.

4. Youngest First- birthdate determines who reads first

5. Alphabetical Order- Whoever has a name with the first letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet.

First, They must learn how to care for the technology. This is when the rules are gone over and they are taught how to set up and clean the equipment.

We model how to listen and follow along using either our eyes or our reading fingers.

Teach them how to take turns. When their story is done, their partners story is then heard.

They will learn how to set up and clean up their activities. They will be trained how to choose the materials- what words they will be working on.

Teach them how to choose a successful spot. A spot where they will be able to sit and work successfully.

So there are the foundation lessons that we will need to teach before we go into full implementation of Daily 5. Through modeling and practice, these lessons will become internalized and the students will be able to do these areas successfully!

Here is the schedule of our book study to follow along! Click on the schedule to see what some other awesome educators thought about this chapter!


  1. We need to keep in touch when school starts to see how things are going with Daily 5! So many great ideas! :)

    1. I totally agree with you. Not just for ideas but for support as well!