Friday, July 3, 2015


Teachers spend a lot of out of pocket money a year on all sorts of things for their classrooms! They spend money on all things from crayons to pencils to books to curtains.

Well, when I was at the ISTE 2015 conference in Philadelphia, I came across this awesome company! They are amazing!!!!!

This company is called.........

  • Ziggedy is PASSIONATE about helping teachers; they understand the billions of dollars that teachers are spending out-of-pocket every year; Ziggedy helps teachers raise funds for their individual classrooms via the online shopping that their supporters are already doing at no additional cost; Ziggedy is partnered with thousands of online retailers that people already use and trust

  • Through the Ziggedy Teacher Resource Center, teachers can easily access and utilize digital materials to introduce their custom classroom sign-up link to gain supporters on Ziggedy; not only can teachers introduce Ziggedy to their students' parents, teachers can gain the support of their friends and family across the country all year long, via the online shopping that their supporters are already doing, at no additional cost to anyone!

It is easy to get started and everything you need is on their website!

Here is a little video about Ziggedy:

When you sign in your homepage will look like this:

On your launch or home page there are icons for access to launch emails and flyers to send out to those who you would like to have as supporters! I will be sending this out to my parents when the school year begins at Open House!

Here is what the launch flyers page looks like:

and here is the page to send an email flyer to launch this for you instead or with the paper flyer:

There is also an icon on the home page for you to create a class list. here is what the class List page looks like:

It is easy to search for items on Ziggedy:

So Teachers what are you waiting for???? Here is your chance to create a Piggedy bank for your classroom!!! All those who you invite to support you will be able to add to your piggedy bank! All they need to do is sign up using your link you send them to be your supporter. Then when they shop, they sign in through Ziggedy and you receive a percentage of their sale. Easy Peasy!!!

So let's make our Piggedy Banks grow!

  • Within the Teacher Resource Center, teachers can earn a Referral Bonus for inviting other teachers to use Ziggedy 

Please use my link to sign up so I can receive a referral bonus for introducing you to this amazing program!!!!

Come everyone let's get Ziggedy!!!!!!!!

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