Sunday, July 26, 2015

Learn Like A Pirate Chapter 8

I am blogging about Chapter 8 in this amazing book about Student Led Classrooms written by Paul Solarz. If you do not have this book, click on the book below and it will bring you to Amazon! Buy this book, I promise you, you won't be disappointed!!!

Paul Solarz is discussing the importance of empowerment! The importance of Passion! It al starts with the classroom environment! Be honest with kids. Create an environment where they are safe, safe physically, emotionally and safe to take risks!

So what is Passion Time? Passion Time is when the kids can work on a research project or something that they feel passionate about. Paul mentions Maker Spaces and I couldn't agree more. Maker Spaces are amazing. These allow the students to create and explore! These spaces are what puts grins and excitement back into education.  Paul had an after school club for maker Space but since I teach First Grade and really can not have an after school club, I will be having a Maker Space area in my classroom where they can explore on Fridays!!!

What does passion ignite in kids? 

I have created a sign that I will be hanging on my door for those who enter during Passion Time. Feel free to download it if you would like!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! This is a book that I recommend all educators read at some point during their career! I absolutely loved it! It has provided this 22 year veteran teacher some awesome ideas to implement into my classroom!!!

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