Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back to School Book Favorite and Freebie!!

I am very excited to be linking up with Brenda from Primary Inspired for her linky on our favorite Back to school Book!

I love books!! I have soooo many books I love to read when we go back to school that it took me a while to choose the one I wanted to share today! I read the books that the other awesome educators who linked up with this awesome linky shared so make sure you check out their books to get even more great ideas!

Any ways, The book I absolutely love to read to my kiddos when we go back to school is Too Much Glue written by Jason Lefebvre. 

How many of you have had the lovely words screamed out in class, Mrs or Mr. ________ I have too much glue! How many have said remember boys and girls just a drop not a lot!

This book is about a young man who loves glue. This book takes place in the art room, where just like many classroom teachers, the art teacher has given the warning of using too much glue. Well, Matty loves glue and he did not listen to her warning. The results are hilarious. The kids love reading and seeing what happens to Matty!

Here is a you tube reading of the book:

Here are some freebies for your class room! Here is the glue poem I read to my kids and post in my room and here is my label for my glue buckets! Please feel free to download and use them!!!

Click on the book worm below to go see what these other awesome educators love to read for Back to School!

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