Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flipped Reading Block Book Study Chapters 1 and 2

Flipped classrooms is the "in" thing right now. When I was at ISTE n Philadelphia this past month, a lot of the sessions were centered on the flipped classroom.  Before I say I am for or against the flipped classroom, I must do my own research, so I am hosting a book study with two other amazing educators, Maggie from Maggies Kinder Corner and Jonna from The Primary Life, on the book, The Flipped Reading Block written by Gina Pasisis.

This book has been informative and amazing so far! It is geared towards the upper grades but I have been able to relate it to use in my first grade classroom. If you have not seen this book and would like to get it to read along with us, please click on the book below!

I am new with the flipped learning and I am just getting my feet wet. I have created and used with some of my kids a blended learning space on Spiders. This was a home school connection project and they really enjoyed it. i received some feedback from the families and I will definitely create and implement more blended spaces as this school year goes on. 

Right now, I use all modes of communication. I use Class Dojo (I Love Class Dojo). Class Dojo is a behavipr management system that the parents can log in and see how their child is doing throughout the day. it has a chat feature so they can send me notes and I can do the same. A great communication skill. But this program also has a feature where I can print out the reports an send them home to families who do not have access to a computer. I still send home the notes and binders so I am sure all parents are being communicated with. Another feature I use is Remind HQ. This is a texting feature where I can text reminders to my families. 

Click on the spider below to go to my Spider Blended Space:

The blended learning approach will extend the learning that is happening in my classroom. It will also get the parents involved and they will be able to experience the activities with their children. It is a great way to make homework fun and interactive not just a worksheet! Not only will it benefit them at home, but in the classroom as well. In many classrooms, the teacher spends so much time talking as a matter of fact they do most of the talking. This can be very boring at times. I believe that having more of a blended approach will provide all students the chance to be successful. It will be a multi-modality approach!

Technology is an obstacle. There are many families who still do not have a home computer. Yes, they have Smart Phones but not all have computers. This causes a problem for the children to be able to participate. Another obstacle is getting the parents to understand the importance of the activity. Many will think it is something that does not need to be watched or will allow the students to just peruse and not really listen or do the follow up activities. 

I will have an area set up in my classroom where these students can work on this during the day during small groups. i will also allot time during the week for those student to be able to work on these activities and watch the videos. before this area is set up and planned for, I will be sending home a technology survey so I will have a better idea on how many students will need to access this and how large of an area I will need.

I believe that all strategies should be modeled in a flipped lesson format. I believe this because this will allow them to practice more at home and will provide the parents with a guide and will improve their understanding of what is expected and is being taught in the classroom. I believe that this will be a great way to increase the reading skills of my students!

Here are my thoughts on these two great chapters! Now click on the links below to see what my book study partners  have written!!!

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