Thursday, July 2, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate Chapter 5 Responsibility

As I read farther and farther into this amazing book, I am getting more and more determined to create a student led classroom this year! I know that it will take some work and compromise on my part because there will always be a part of me that is going to want to step in!

This chapter is about responsibility. The shifting of responsibility! This chapter is where I am taught that the responsibility shifts from me onto my students! It is them that make sure the transitions go smoothly and happen on time. It is them that insure the work is completed and that all jobs are complete. it is them that is in charge!

Of course, at first I was like WHAT!!! But Paul Solarz, as awesome as ever, has explained that rituals are needed in order for this to become a reality! Of course, this explanation and his modeling has relieved my stress and I can now consider this a possibility!!

Rituals need to be in place. Rituals need to be modeled. Rituals need to be taken seriously by all. If there are no rituals then how will they know what to do and when to do it!

The one concept he shared that caught my attention was Silent Day! On this day, the teacher does not talk at all. Not to anybody. It is totally up to the students to run the class and make sure that it runs as expected. 

I like the quote by Cesar Chavez!

Here is a ritual that I thought was an awesome one! This is done at the end of the day!

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