Monday, July 20, 2015

Flipped Reading Chapters 3 and 4

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I am here to talk about chapters 3 and 4 in this really insightful book about flipping your class room for the Reading Block! If you do not have this book and would like it, please click on the picture below and it will bring you to Amazon!

So here we go with the chapter discussion! 

I have to say I love her discussion of the I do, We do, you do process and the fact that this process really does improve literacy and achievement. I know there are going to the doubters who say this can not be done but if planned and implemented correctly, blended learning can be successful. 

If the students are given opportunities to practice the skills at home on a continuous basis, then when they come into the classroom, there is less I do and more We do. We can work together collaboratively instead of my modeling as much or discussing the activities as much. Blended learning allows the students to review the lesson at home and practice the skills. But I know that all my students will not have access to these lessons at home, so I will of course have an area set up for those students to review the lessons throughout the day!

Now that I am in First Grade, the reading expectations have changed. I feel that blended learning allows for more differentiation also. There are students who will need to practice their letters and sounds and there will be those who are ready to work on their fry words or reading small stories and can work on comprehension. These are great mini lessons for them to do at home and it will increase the We Do in the classroom!

My school does LFS (Learning Focused) and Responsive Classroom. These two focuses influence our lessons and have provided us with strategies and models for learning partners in the classroom. Through LFS, my students will use Turn and Talk, Think Pair Share and You Read to me and I Read to You, to share their knowledge and ideas about what we are focusing on with their neighbors. Through Responsive Classroom, they learn to collaborate and communicate positively. I will also be implementing the Daily 5 and this will teach them more skills and influence their partner choosing.

At Home practice  allows the students to practice the skills and tools they will need to be successful in small group. Through this extra practice, students will become more adept with the skills and will be able to perform more successfully during small groups. This time will become more focused and beneficial. 

I do not have one right now. We do read with partners and we do celebrate Flashlight Fluency every Friday but book clubs have not been a part of my classroom. I will however have one this year and I am very excited about it. Of course I will have a focus question and I am going to make it a blended learning experience! More to come later as I get the details ironed out!

These chapters have been eye opening and I am becoming more and more intuned with doing some flipped lessons in my classroom. I think they will be beneficial for all those involved.

And now, a freebie, here are my cards I use for my students to choose a partner without any turmoil!

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