Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dot Day

I have so much to blog about and I am so behind! I am sorry y’all! Life got in the way!!

I absolutely love the book, The Dot! I would read this to my kids every day if I could!

For those of you who do not know this book, it is a must have for your classroom! This book is about a young girl who says she can not draw. Her name is Vashti. Her art teacher has her just make a dot and sign her name! When she comes to art class the next week, there is her dot framed in a beautiful gold frame. Vashti says to herself, I can make a better dot then that! And soon she is making dots of all colors and sizes. The art show exhibits her beautiful work of art and then she gets to help a little boy who says he can’t draw a straight line! 

This book is amazing and is a great tool to teach your children about growth mindset! 

September 15ish is Dot Day! Classrooms all over the world are now celebrating this magnificent book! There are so many different activities that you can do! 

I love having my kids make their own dots using Kwik Stix Paint Sticks!!! These are amazing! They look like glue sticks but they are paint! They dry in 90 seconds and you do not need water!!!!!! It is a teachers dream tool!!! You can get these at Target or you can order them on amazon!!  Click picture for amazon link! 

Here are some of our dots!!!!

I also love to take their pictures on these special days so I set up a small area and get some props! I have them wear a painting apron, hold a paint brush and a sign that says dot day! They stand in front of a dot background!! Here are a few of my pictures!

There is an amazing song that my kids every year love to listen to! It has motions!!! My kids beg to listen to this all year after they hear it on Dot Day! 

Here are the words and the song from YouTube is embedded below! 

I have created a small dot day product! You can find it on my tpt store! Below are some pages from it. Click on the first picture for the link! 

And of course we must end the day with cool dot sunglasses!!! 

Constitution Day

September 17 is Constitution Day! I love to teach this in my first grade classroom!

To start my lesson I pull out my George Washington Barbie while I am wearing a colonial hat! I ask them what do you think we will be learning about today! The responses are always pirates! We are going to be pirates today!

Here is the hat I have. Click the picture for the link!

I then read this awesome book named We the Kids! Click the picture below for the link on Amazon!

We also listen to the schoolhouse rock songs and the Constitution rap song!!!

Then we talk about the Constitution! What does it mean? Why is it important?

Then we create a class Constitution and they all sign it using a peacock feather taped to a sharpie and they are wearing Benjamin Franklin glasses and a colonial hat! 

Here are some pictures!

Of course, we then had to draw self-portraits because the singers of the Constitution had their portraits done! We then hung it in the hallway!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

(Backup) Beginning of school finds

Hello all! It is almost the beginning of school here in Delaware! 

What I wanted to do was share some things I found to use in my room for curriculum, morning meeting and throughout the year! All items I picture are linked so you can go check them out for yourself!

First, I always give my students a special sticker for the first day of school!! I fell in love with these bright colored stickers and then of course these pencils were just screaming take me to school!! The pencils say look who’s spotted in first grade!

Aren’t they just the cutest?!

Morning meeting?! Some do and some don’t do it! We donit every morning and I am always looking for something fun to do for the activity!! Well, I found this cute activity for getting to know each other! The kids pull a leaf out of the box and answer the question! I loved it and can’t wait to use it!!!

When I teach rules, I focus on being a peace maker not a peace breaker so I found these awesome stickers and necklaces for my kids to wear and bring home!!! I love this unit and will blog more about it when we do it!  

So for my curriculum! I am always looking for some fun additions to add to what I am teaching throughout the year! I mean don’t we all do that?! So I found some great items to add to math, science, reading and writing! 

In science, we will be learning about the moon and the sun. We will be focusing on day and night. I found this awesome day and night sort!  I love how it also has an area for things that happen during both day and night!!

In math, we teach such a variety in first grade! Addition, subtraction, money, measuring, place value, time and so much more! I loved these stickers that are based on the skills we teach! Each child will get a folder with all the skills and strategies they will be learning this year!

Aren’t they bright and colorful!! These are going to be such an awesome learning tool!! I am going to blog more about these after they are made!

One area that my firsties, always groan about at first is writing!! I found these cute and fun would you rather writing prompts to use with them! They are dry erase but I am going to display them once a week for my kids to journal about them. These will be great when we begin our opinion writing  unit!!

The last tool I found that I love are these reading highlighting bars  These are perfect for them to keep their place!

 So these are just a few of my finds for the beginning of my year and to add to my curriculum!! I will definitely be blogging more about these when we actually use them in the classroom! 

Will be logging soon about other finds andneevealing my Classroom!! Until then have an awesome day!!!

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would you rather writing prompts to use with them! They are dry erase but I am going to display them once a week for my kids to journal about them. These will be great when we begin our opinion writing  unit!!