Friday, July 24, 2015

Teaching With Intention Chapter 7

I am so sad that tis book is coming to end soon! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this and learning from the amazing Debbie Miller!

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So here we go.......

This is a short but powerful chapter. It is about that dreaded word. You know the one that we all stress out when we hear it!! That's right, this chapter is about Assessment!

In my room, I do two types of assessing. I use formative assessments that I have created in order to insure the instruction I am providing my students is differentiated and meaningful. Then there is the summative assessments that are district made that I have to give. 

I love how Debbie Miller provides us a list of various ways for Formative assessments! 

The chapter ends with a discussion on Reflection! By looking over your formative assessments and reflecting on what you have taught, ow you have taught and what they have understood, the next thing to do is what she calls A Next Step Lesson. this is when we use what we learned through the various ways of assessing and teach using this new found knowledge!

Once again an amazing chapter!!

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