Saturday, July 11, 2015

Daily 5 Book Study- Chapter 5

I am linking up with Inspired Owl for chapter 5 in our Daily 5 Book Study! as I delve deeper and deeper into this well written resource, I am seeing the benefits of Daily 5 and have been asking myself, why haven't I implemented this is my classroom yet!

There are 3 ways to read a book and we as teachers must model all three ways. The three ways to read a book are:
1. Read with pictures
2. Read with words
3. Read with retelling

It is important to model each of these methods before implementing Read to Self. They recommend that you model and introduce the first two on one day and then the third method on a day by itself. Modeling is very important. Show the students how you think as you read. Think out loud for them to see what you think about as you read.

After you read the books using these methods, have them share with their elbow partners what they noticed when you read. What were you thinking as you read. Then have them tell you what their partners said. This will show them that it is important to listen to others talk and to be able to share what the other person is saying.

Upon implementing Read to Self, which is the first component that is introduced no matter what time of year you begin Daily 5, the students are to pick books for their book box. These books are called good fit books. 

Below is a poster I made for my classroom for Good Fit Books. You are free to use it if you like! I have also included my I chart and poster for this component. 

Once we model how to read a book and they choose their good fit books, then we begin to build their stamina. 

Once we have implemented this component, we begin to add the other foundation lessons.

Here is the schedule for you to follow along with our book study!

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