Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Daily 5 Book Study: Chapter 3

Hello, Everyone!

I am linking up again for The Daily 5 book study! 

Our host for this month is The CraZy Schoolteacher!

Can I just say, I am loving this book and am loving the idea of implementing Daily 5 in my classroom! I have to admit, after doing small group rotations for over 20 years using the traditional rotation chart, I was a little nervous about the choice factor of Daily 5!

But as I read deeper and deeper and saw that there is a process to choosing their area and there are expectations, my nervousness has diminished.

Chapter 2 was about the Core Beliefs of Daily 5. Click here to read my post about the Core Beliefs!

Chapter 3 is about the 10 steps to teaching independence and learning independence. This is where we teach and model independence. What does it look like, what does it sound like, what is independence and now is when they learn how to be independent. Now I am not saying and neither are the sisters, that after you read Chapter 3 and go in and do it once that the students are independent and you will never have to focus on this again. This chapter is our guide to insure that we get our kids to the point of independence, to the point where they can choose a Daily 5 activity and independently complete it!

So what are these 10 steps that I have been referring to?

Out of these steps, the ones that stood out to me were Model most desirable behaviors and model least desirable and then model desirable behaviors again. This is so important for the younger ones. they need to visually see what is acceptable, not acceptable and be able to talk about it and then practice the most desirable behaviors again! 

The one that I hope I do not have a difficult time with is Stay out of the Way! I give my children independence now but I still step in. After reading this chapter, I think I may step in too much. So i will have to really monitor this so that I can be successful and therefore my kiddos will be successful.

So that is my take on Chapter 3. Here is our schedule for upcoming chapters, please follow along and share your thoughts with all of us!

Thank you to our host for this chapter!

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