Monday, July 20, 2015

My Daily Tweet and A Class Dojo Monday Made It!

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It!  I am so excited about the two items I made today! 

So here is my

Here is my First one! 

My first project I made was my Daily Tweet board! I just love my board! I wanted to make an end of the day writing activity and I wanted to add a little social media in my first grade classroom. So I thought my first graders can tweet about their day.

Here is my Daily Tweet Board!!!

I bought an oil drip pan at Walmart and painted it with yellow Fusion Spray paint.

I bought a wooden bird and a tweet bubble from @michaelstores. I painted the bird blue to match the twitter icon and then I used a chalkboard marker to write Our Daily Tweets #agreatday.

Then I hot glued these to the yellow painted oil pan. I then hot glued mustache ribbon to the back to hang it up. I got the mustache ribbon @michaelsstores

I found the blue bird magnets at the Dollar Tree. they come in packs of three. These are for the kids to write their tweet about their day with a dry erase marker and then add #agreatday!

My next project was my Class Dojo Goal Board!

I took a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree and I covered it with Monster Duct Tape. I found the Monster Duct Tape at Staples.

Then I printed off my Dojo Board pieces, laminated them and hot glued them to the board. I also hot glued mustache ribbon to the back of sheet to hang it up.

Here is my Dojo store with the board pieces to make your own Class Dojo board!

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