Thursday, July 30, 2015

Flipped Reading Book Study Chapters 5 and 6

Hi, everyone!

I can not believe that we are already on chapters 5 and 6. This book study seems to be flying by! I have really enjoyed reading this book and learning more about the flipped classroom!

So let's begin.........

Chapter 5 is focusing on book clubs in the classroom and how we can use these to promote online discussions and therefore creating an online community through book clubs. I love this idea. The students can communicate about the books they read in class and carry this discussion over to their homes and families. 

Book Clubs sound amazing as the chapter goes on and they are something that with a little differentiation and adaptation that any grade level can integrate into their classrooms.

I have dabbled in Blend Space and have a few lessons in the Blended Learning Format. My goal is to create a few lessons in the Flipped format and then go from there. I am planning on doing a history lesson in flipped format and do a few writing and sight word lessons in the flipped format.

I love the idea of writing skeletons instead of writing prompts. These are guides and conversation starters. I love the open endedness of them. So I will incorporate more of these in my writing in the beginning of the year and then as the students learn what is expected with different genres and skills I will begin to wean them off depending on their skill level. This of course will be differentiated in my room. 

I do not have them implemented indepthly. I am definitely adding this feature to my classroom and will be using it to crate an online community and increase their love for literacy. Hopefully, this will involve the parents more! The wheels in my brain are already turning! Looks like this may be a blogpost of it's own soon!

Chapter 6 is discussing the use of posts as a form of assessment. I really never thought about it but I found the author made some valid reasons on why it would be a good source to use. 

I think that using the posts as a form of formative assessment is a great idea. We will be able to see thier understanding through their communication of the skills through their posts. We will be able to see what points they understood, where do they need assistance, what needs to be focused on. If they are able to communicate it then they know it and understand it. I like the idea of sing them as a FORMATIVE assessment. Great resource to use to tailor and differentiate assignments.

I have my students share and talk about their books and we do short plays. They also write in their journals but I feel I need to do more. I am definitely going to implement book clubs and I am also going to have more reader response activities as well as a monthly book review board.  I am in the process of figuring out and planning my book review wall so once I have it ready I will blog and share it!!!

I loved these chapters and I am loving this book. Although it was written for upper elementary, there are so many ideas and things that we as lower elementary educators can implement in our rooms with just a little differentiation and adaptation!

Please check out the blog posts of my teaching buddies on these chapters!!!

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