Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekly Book Linky

Hello! I am linking up with Deanna Jump for her weekly book linky!

the book i am sharing this week is one of my favorites. Being a kindergarten for over 20 years and now a mom to a six year old I seem to be saying this phrase over and over again! Ready...... Wait for it..... Ok ..  here it is....  TOO MUCH GLUE!

Yes that is the name of my book I am sharing this week!

I know, we as teachers and not only Primary teachers but Art teachers and probably even some middle school teachers have experienced this in their classroom. If you are lucky enough to be a parent, you got to experience this at home as well. 

This story has detailed pictures that are sure to delight your students and children. They depict the story of a little boy who comes from a glue loving family. he goes to school and just does not grasp that teacher concept Just a dot not a lot when it comes to using the ever so wonderful glue bottle. As you read the book, you see all that they do to try to solve the too much glue dilemma!

Here are some pages from the book:

Here he is with his glue loving family! I would say they are a little obsessed with the white sticky wonderland!

Scary thing is I have seen this look in the eyes of some of my students. They get into a glue trance!
They are in the zone just like this little guy is!
I am sure that if we gave the ok, we would have students do this as well!

As you can see, this is a great book and the kids love it. They can relate to it! So can the teachers!

Here is a little poster I made to display in your classroom with a little chant to teach them about glue:

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    1. Thanks for visiting! This book is one of my favorites! My students just laugh throughout!

  2. Such a cute book!

    Down the Learning Road

    1. Thanks for visiting! It is really a cute book that the students just love!