Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guided Math- Chapter 9, the end!

I can not believe that we have finished this book! I absolutely loved it and have learned so much! I can not wait until I can implement this in my classroom because I think my littles will become strong mathematicians through this process!

When we put this into practice in our classrooms, we have to remember that no matter how harried we get, we must remember the students and their abilities. The purpose of guided math is to take the students beyond the traditional instruction of math. We must give them opportunities to explore and solve problems.

The author provides a list of things of what students who are learning mathematics should be doing! This is on page 246.


* enjoy problem solving in a risk free environment
* have chances to try out strategies on a variety of challenging problems
* learn to identify appropriate strategies to use when problem solving
* receive feedback from teachers 
* make mathematical connections
* participate in conversations (mathematical) using vocabulary and justifying their work
* learn to recognize patterns and relationships

Teachers using Guided Math should use the same strategies as they do for Guided reading! Hyde (2006) has created mathematical questions adapted from reading strategies for teachers to consider!

Please remember that the success of this process is dependent on you, the educator! We must have a positive relationship with our students! They must trust us and the environment! But it is also a learning and building process for teachers as well as their students!

If you decide to use Guided Math in your classroom, please keep me posted. I am and would love to hear from you and hear about your successes, strategies, ideas and even the things that did not go as we had planned!

Here are two questions I will leave you with!

Thank you Primary Gal for this awesome book study!

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