Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Literacy Teachers Playbook Chapter 4 Creating an action plan

I am linking up again this week for the book study on The Literacy Teacher's Playbook. We are discussing chapter 4: Practice Over Time. This chapter has so much valuable information that we had to break it into three separate discussions!!!

Creating an Action Plan 

When we are creating an action plan, we should keep in mind the SMART goals. These are goals that are:    
S- Specific
     M- Measurable
   A- Attainable
R- Realistic
T- Timely  

So we have chosen our goals based on the SMART model, now what? Well, now we need to create a plan. First let's look at our goal. Does it relate to one skill or to multiple skills? What strategies will we use to attain the goal? What is the difference between a skill and a strategy?

We must remember that a skill is a behavior or a process whereas a strategy is the procedural. A strategy is how we are going to accomplish the skill and a strategy is also a scaffold. Once they are able to do the skill it is automatic and the strategy goes away or is no longer needed.

There is a great chart for reference in this chapter for the goals, skills and strategies for inferring, finding meaning, focus during reading and writing workshops, and the concept of words/spacing.
Another thing the author shares with us is to place ourselves into the students place when we are working on an action plan. 

Many teachers would love to be handed a list of strategies and be done. Unfortunately, there is no such list. Many strategies are created as educators and authors go along. One thing is for certain, when we do create our own strategies, we must insure that they are authentic and easy to demonstrate. When we are creating our own strategies reflect on our reading, how well do we comprehend, how well do we do a close read, etc. 

This is a great beginning point! Here are some other resources for you to use when creating an action plan for literacy:


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