Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Literacy Teachers Playbook Book Study!

I have enjoyed this section tremendously. It is about Goals and their importance. Well, we all have set goals for ourselves. We have done it in both our personal and professional lives. Goals are what make us achieve. They are what we work for. they are an accomplishment. 

Students are no different. They need goals. They need to create their own goals and work to achieve them. They need to understand what their goals are. This is done through conferencing with educators. Sitting down with the students and discussing their work and walking them through the goal setting process is a valuable time and one that should be done as each goal is achieved!

When we are creating goals or are assisting with the creation of goals, we must make sure that it is going to have the biggest possible effect on their progress. It needs to be important. It needs to be one that can be achieved by reading and writing. This insures that the student is working throughout the day to achieve their goals. They are not isolated to a certain time of the day. 

When creating goals, the author shares a principle with us: 80/20 Principle. This principle is the Pareto Principle. What exactly is this principle? Well it means that 20 percent of something has the ability to create 80 percent results.  So basically 20 percent of something accounts for 80 percent of something else. The example the author uses on page 101 is "20 percent of what you do in your personal life accounts for 80 percent of your happiness."
So when we are sitting down with the student we must think what will make the biggest difference in their achievement and success. 

Now, when do we set goals? During a goal setting conference of course! Educators will sit down with their students and look at their work. they will ask the students what do they notice and what do they want to do better. They have a conversation about what they do best and what they need to work on. 

Here is a sheet I made to use with my students during their goal setting conference and their follow up conferences on those goals:

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