Thursday, July 3, 2014

Guided Math Workshop

I can not tell you enough how much I am loving this book study!!! This book is amazing and eye opening! Since I have been moved to First Grade (after 21 years in Kindergarten :( ) and I will be team teaching and I will be doing Math and Science, this is how I will be running my room!!!! 

This week we are discussing the Math Workshop! I am excited about the math workshop. We must remember that it is important that all manipulatives are organized and accessible. T
he kiddos need to be able to find them, use them and put them back. Training is important. This is vital for the Math Workshop to run effectively and efficiently. I found these awesome labels on TPT! I love the realistic pictures te creator used. The best part is these labels are free!!!

Math workshop is when we can put a variety of activities. I just finished making these activities for my Math Workshop!

Just a few reminders about Math Workshop:
1. Students need to work on their ability to complete tasks without interrupting the small group with the teacher.
2. Make sure directions are clear, easy to understand.
3. Review group and individual work expectations.

Games are a great way to reinforce concepts during Math Workshop. Have the students practice math facts, practice problem solving, use technology, write in their journals, and of course review and work on previously taught concepts!

Math workshop is a great way for the students to work on stamina, group and individual skills and learn how o cooperate and collaborate with others. Through differentiation, clear instructions and a well organized area, Math workshop can be a positive and successful experience for everyone!

As usual here are two questions for you to ponder from this amazing book and it's author!

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