Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Literacy Teachers Playbook- part two of Chapter 4

I am linking up again this week for The Literacy Teacher's Playbook book study. We are discussing the second part of chapter 4. This is such an informative chapter!!!

Serravallo discusses goals and conferring with the students in this chapter. It is discussed that in order for the students to reach the goals they set, they must have authentic practice with the skills and strategies that will increase their success. But we must remember that the amount of support provided is decreased over time so the student will eventually be completely independent.

Conferences provides the teacher with the opportunity to see what the student is and is not successful with in a nonthreatening environment. Both are able to ask questions. This is a time to build the relationship!

This section also discussed:

Small group Strategy Lessons- These allow the students opportunities to practice old and new skills. The students are given immediate feedback. The structure of this is:
Connect and compliment
Actively Engage

Reading partnerships or Reading clubs- have students pair up and read or have groups of students read the same book. The teacher will confer with the club and/or the partnerships about what they are reading. This is a great way to build book talks! 

Writing Partnerships- students are paired up with other students to discuss their writing. Conferences occur as these are going on. It is important for writers to to have those who understand their struggles to support them. This assists in their evolving into a better writer!

Shared Reading- This is when the class is reading either in unison and chorally. The teacher is pointing to the words as they read. The text chosen should be slightly above their level. 

Shared Writing- The teacher leads the writing process and then the students interact. A topic is chosen, the teacher leads and then the students assist with the writing. They may write a few sentences or tell the teacher what to write.
The structure is:

Interactive Writing- This is when the students actually write as well as the teacher. The students are more involved in the writing process. It is mostly their writing.

Guided Reading- Small group that assists the students with their reading.  It supports them instructionally. The group is of students that are on the same level and are working on the same skills. 
The Structure of a Guided Reading Lesson is:
Book/text information
Reading with coaching
Discussion and Teaching

Phew!! I told you this chapter has a lot of information! See you next week!

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