Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Notice and Note- A Final Post

Happy Tuesday!!! As we all know that saying All Good Things Must Come To An End! This is the last post for our Notice and Note Book Study! I have to say this has got to be one of the best books I have read in a while about Close Reading. The authors are amazing. There are some great videos on YouTube and We have created resources for you to use throughout! I have the honor of being the host for this finale! So here we go:

As we wind down our reading of this phenomenal book, we must keep in mind the goal that we all have! That goal is to create thoughtful, reflective and engaged readers! Through the six signposts and our love of reading, this is a goal that should easily be achieved!

The authors stressed throughout the book the importance it is to model, model, model and explain. All six signposts have been explained. examples of lessons provided and questions that we may have had been asked and answered! There are surveys, reading logs, posters and worksheets located in the appendix. All ready and available for you to use! This is what makes this book an amazing resource! We are not left on our own. We have a model to go by! 

I love the way the authors discussed getting lost in a book. It is so true when our students hear that they think, wait a minute, getting lost is not a great thing and yes, there are times when getting lost is not the best thing for one to become. Becoming engrossed with the characters, wanting to know what is going to happen next, and can not wait to reach the conclusion! Teaching students to love to read and to become immersed and lost in their books is a great accomplishment. 

The authors have provided us with the road map to this. They have provided us with the means to create lessons for the six signposts and to help them navigate their way through these stories! 

Losing themselves in a good book is important but so is finding themselves as well. Having our students read a book, put it down and be able to relate their life, feelings, ideas, or even understand things around them more thanks to this book, well that my friends, is one of the greatest accomplishments a reading teacher can achieve!

 The authors said it best when they said on page 191 , " Literature enables us to see our world and ourselves more clearly, to understand our lives more fully!"


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  1. Thank you so much for wrapping up this book study for us!