Thursday, July 3, 2014

Notice and Note Section 10

Welcome back for section 10 of Notice and Note.
This section is about the first signpost to teach and that is contrasts and contradictions. Here students become aware of character development,  setting and plot and the conflict. This signpost is taught first because all stories have this signpost.  

When we teach this signpost, we begin by explaining. Walk them through it. Model how we make contrasts and contradictions. After we explain, we apply it to a text. For the first time, you are doing this with them. You are thinking out loud and a replying this signpost. The students are listening and watching. Writing as you make the contrasts and contradictions. Then you end with review. 
The author provides us with questions that you can keep in mind to assist the students to complete a close read. 
Another great section from this amazing book!


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