Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Text on Tuesdays: Notice and Note

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So this week we read!

The first question was Is Reading still Reading?
The e-reader is gradually replacing the paper or hardback books. But the stats in this section are interesting. Yes, the sale of paperback and hardcover books have decreased and the sale or e-readers have increased but time reading has declined. Reading recreationally has declined! :( 
So this really got me thinking, is it great to have BYOD at schools? What about the students who can not afford an e-reader?

We must remember that the skills that students use to read an e-reader are different then the skills they use when reading a book. I myself love the feel of the pages of a book and love to go to the bookstore and buy a new book. I do have an e-reader but I find myself still wanting to read the book itself!

The second question was What is the Role of Fiction? Today, the focus is on NonFiction. We are fousing on the text features and the different way to read a Nonfiction and fiction book. What about fiction? Is it not as important? Of course it is, fiction can be used to assist with writing. It can be used to teach literary skills and social skills especially in the younger grades. Nonfiction does catch the interest of the reader but they are not always an easy read. Fiction is a great way to start off early readers and to hook them into the wonderful world of reading.

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  1. To cut out fiction from school would be a major mistake. The bulk of adult reading is fiction. We read nonfiction texts that align with our specific interests, but we can identify with such a larger range of fiction books. Why do people in authority want to rob students of quality reading? Frustrating...
    Simply 2nd Resources

    1. It is very frustrating! Children need to be exposed to all types of literature not just the literature of the moment!!!!

  2. I think nonfiction also helps with writing. My students write literary analysis, research reports, etc ... and having excellent models for paraphrasing information or incorporating quotes has really improved their writing. I would never let go of teaching a majority of fiction in my English classroom though.