Thursday, June 26, 2014

Notice and Note Book Study Post

Welcome back for another post about the book, Notice and Note. Today I am explaining the signposts!

When we are teaching the signposts, we need to teach them in order. The author suggests this order:
    1. Contrasts and Contradictions
    2. Aha Moments
    3. Tough Questions
These should be taught first because they appear frequently. The readers who struggle will be able to identify them and the anchor question is one that the reader can hold on to as they read.
   4. Words of the Wiser- Critical lesson
   5. Again and Again
   6. Memory of Moments

Like the author states, this is their order, if it does not fit your with what you are teaching then create your own order of these signposts.

Remember, when teaching the signposts, teach them. they should not be taught as a minilesson. these are new concepts and the students will need time to learn and understand these. It is important that we make sure we have enough time to teach these rigorously. Also, when we teach these make sure you do it with a piece of children's literature that illustrates the signpost. The text should illustrate the signpost several times throughout the text not just once.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. It all depends on your class and their skills!


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