Friday, June 20, 2014

Notice and Note Section 6

Welcome back for Section 6 of Notice and Note! This is an awesome book about close reading and it's strategies! 

There are 6 signposts:
*Compare and Contrast
*Aha Moments
*Tough Questions
*Words of the Wiser
*Again and Again
*Memory Moment

Compare and Contrast: When the character acts in a way that you, the reader, does not expect.

Aha Moment: When the character finally understands something

Tough Questions: When the character in the story asks questions and the reader gets to see what is bothering that character.

Words of the Wiser: When the character who is older shares their understanding or advice.

Again and Again: Repetition in the novel. Normally when something is repeated then it is important and one should pay close attention.

Memory Moment: When the memory of a character is shared it is because it has something to do with what is happening in the novel or story at this time. The reader knows that by paying attention to the memory they learn some important information.

This was an interesting section! Here are two videos I found about the 6 signposts!


see you Tuesday for Section 7!


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