Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guided Math Book Study!

Wow! I never thought that this book could get any better but it has! Chapter 4 is so interesting and informative! First of all, I love to read children's literature to my kids! I am really excited because this book study has stressed the importance of literature to access mathematical prior knowledge or a great hook for the students!  When we teach Language Arts, we insure that we have a lot of amazing books to share with our kids. We have activities to go with theses books. In Math, I am lacking but thanks to Laney Sammons, I began a quest to find Literature for my new adventure in Math next year!!!! So, of course what did I do? I researched and researched to find awesome children's books that are great to activate my math lessons. Here are just a few for the two concepts of subtraction and telling time:

For Subtraction, a very difficult concept for the little ones:

All the kids will love this because it is about candy!!!!

I love Pete the Cat, I mean who doesn't!!! 
This is a great book for subtraction!

For telling Time:

But this chapter is no all about incorporating children's literature. I got off the track a little! 
It is about whole group, which surprised me because guided math is intended to meet the needs of all students and when you think of it, it is workshop and conferences. But the author wants to tell us that there are times when whole group is okay. Here they are:
1. explaining group work
2. introducing and modeling math games
3. using technology like your smartboard
4. establishing structure and routines (Very important that all students are on the same level with this!)
5. minilessons
6. and of course when we read the awesome children's literature that we are all going to go and find to make our math lessons even more intriguing to our students!

These were not in any particular order!

This book is amazing and there is soooooo much to share that I can not possibly share everything in every chapter in every post! This is a must read! So click below to get a copy and read along with us!

and as always I leave you with two questions to ponder and answer!

Thanks for visiting! Post some of your favorite math books in my comments section below! and visit these other awesome educators to se what they have to share about this amazing book!
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