Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guided Math Book Study Chapter One

I am a little late in posting this chapter because I entered the party a little bit after the rest of the group! I am very excited to be participating in a book study about Guided Math! I am lucky to be a part of The Primary Gal's Book Study! Every Thursday, we will be posting about the next chapter!

We have heard the term Guided Reading over and over again throughout our teaching careers! But now the new term that we will soon be hearing is Guided Math!

Reading has always been the focal point. It has been often heard that one can not do math correctly because the parent was never good at math. This is not a hereditary attribute. It is all mind over matter!

Chapter One is telling us what to expect in the next 8 chapters! It gives us an overview of what a classroom would look like if they are a Guided Math classroom!

What I found interesting in this chapter was the statistics that the author provided us! 71% of all adults cannot calculate miles per gallon on a trip and that 58% are unable to calculate and leave a 10% tip! First of all, I thought 15% was the correct amount to give for a tip!

I loved the brief overview and listing of the components of a Guided Math lesson! Reading has always been the focal point and now we are starting to see the need to focus on mathematic. Using  guided math approach will provide those who need remediation interventions to help succeed and for those who need to be enriched they will be challenged! One must remember to make it engaging and relate it to real world situations so our students will see the connections and the importance of these math concepts!

As I read this chapter, I began to reflect on my own teaching of mathematics. What are my strengths and weaknesses? I know that time management is one where I need to focus on to be more successful and to be able to implement Guided Math in my classroom!

So, as you read the chapter you will see and start to think back on how you were taught mathematics! I challenge you to think about how you have been teaching mathematics! Is it all it can be? Is it right for all of the students in your class?

I leave you with a couple of questions to ponder! Please comment below!

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